Thursday, November 17, 2016

From Fiction to Future


From Fiction to Future

“A vision is the seed of endeavours, and endeavours lead to inventions.”

Present is always a product of past, but seldom does past play a passive expectant mother, much like how our present is full of active entrepreneurships. But an entrepreneurship emerges out of an unsatisfied individual’s visions, about a future they would rather have than what they would otherwise get. Visions motivate endeavours, and endeavours lead to inventions. Those inventions then build up to a future that ultimately becomes present.

Those of you who read my fiction, would already be aware of my habit of making big scientific suggestions is an un-assuming fashion, as if they are just a part of the narrative and go with the flow. But more often, it is my way of putting my scientific hypothesis out in front of the world, in an entertaining way so that the message doesn’t get lost. So if you are keeping up with the latest in the ‘God of a Man’ series; ‘Across two eternities’; you would have already read about an idea posited by me in its’ third chapter.

The idea relates to transmitting written messages as visible light, straight into receiver’s eyes, where the message is picked up by the sensory organ and sent to brain as a visual message. This message is picked up by the brain as if that individual had heard someone speak it out loud. The finer details are explained therein, but let me just elaborate on what the potential of this idea really is.

Imagine an entire book, rather than having to be read, being beamed straight into your eyes. Now imagine how quick it would be to imbibe knowledge in this fashion, and given that even Einstein barely used ten percent of his brain in his entire lifetime, imagine the amount of information each human being would be able to assimilate. Humanity would straight away become many times enlightened. Needless to say, our scientific advancement would know no bounds from there on. All one would need is to learn a language well, and then whatever knowledge they would need, could be beamed straight into their mind via eyes, cutting out the time limitations.

And that my dear friends, is the door to the space-age; now open!

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