Thursday, November 17, 2016

From Fiction to Future


From Fiction to Future

“A vision is the seed of endeavours, and endeavours lead to inventions.”

Present is always a product of past, but seldom does past play a passive expectant mother, much like how our present is full of active entrepreneurships. But an entrepreneurship emerges out of an unsatisfied individual’s visions, about a future they would rather have than what they would otherwise get. Visions motivate endeavours, and endeavours lead to inventions. Those inventions then build up to a future that ultimately becomes present.

Those of you who read my fiction, would already be aware of my habit of making big scientific suggestions is an un-assuming fashion, as if they are just a part of the narrative and go with the flow. But more often, it is my way of putting my scientific hypothesis out in front of the world, in an entertaining way so that the message doesn’t get lost. So if you are keeping up with the latest in the ‘God of a Man’ series; ‘Across two eternities’; you would have already read about an idea posited by me in its’ third chapter.

The idea relates to transmitting written messages as visible light, straight into receiver’s eyes, where the message is picked up by the sensory organ and sent to brain as a visual message. This message is picked up by the brain as if that individual had heard someone speak it out loud. The finer details are explained therein, but let me just elaborate on what the potential of this idea really is.

Imagine an entire book, rather than having to be read, being beamed straight into your eyes. Now imagine how quick it would be to imbibe knowledge in this fashion, and given that even Einstein barely used ten percent of his brain in his entire lifetime, imagine the amount of information each human being would be able to assimilate. Humanity would straight away become many times enlightened. Needless to say, our scientific advancement would know no bounds from there on. All one would need is to learn a language well, and then whatever knowledge they would need, could be beamed straight into their mind via eyes, cutting out the time limitations.

And that my dear friends, is the door to the space-age; now open!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Thursday, May 12, 2016

A jar of cookies


A jar of cookies

“Brick by brick for a castle built, chip by chip shall it may fall.”

One bright sunny morning, a social science teacher in a senior college decided to teach his students an invaluable life lesson. So he set up his classroom before any of his students had arrived, and then locked the door and waited outside. Once all his students had assembled, he informed them his intention to teach them in the college lawn that day, and took them to the college’s front lawn.

After some time he informed his students, “Today one of my friends gave me a jar of chocolate cookies and I thought I’ll share it with you, my students. Now I don’t know how many cookies are in it, for I haven’t looked inside it yet. They feel like plenty, but even if they aren’t, we will share however many there are.” Having said that, he instructed one of his students to go back to the classroom and see if the jar is alright. The student obliged and returned after having a look.

“Was the jar alright?” the teacher asked.

“Yes Sir,” the student respectfully replied.

The teacher then continued with the job of teaching them, but at regular intervals kept on sending one student to have a look at the jar. Finally when the lecture he was delivering was over, he asked the students to follow him back to the class.

Once back in the class, as all the students made themselves comfortable in their seats, the teacher finally opened the jar and looked inside. A smile developed on his face. He called the last student he had sent to have a look at the jar, and asked him to look inside and tell him, “Is this how many cookies were in there when you looked at the jar?”

The students looked inside the jar obediently, and replied, “Yes sir.”

“Thank you,” the teacher replied to him, and then called on the very first student that he had sent to have a look at the jar, and asked him the same question, “Is this how many cookies you saw were there in the jar?”

The student looked inside the jar, and an expression of shock developed on his face. But the student stepped back and replied, “Sorry Sir, I don’t remember correctly, but that might have been it.”

The teacher smiled again, and sensing that his experiment had worked finally disclosed to the student, “OK, I was doing an experiment to teach you guys a very special lesson. So don’t be afraid, and tell me the truth.”

The student, just like others, had already realized that their teacher had been setting them up for something, finally admitted, “I’m sorry Sir, I only took one.”

“Tell us; why did you decide to take one?” the teacher asked.

“I thought no one will notice,” the student replied, “And besides, I thought you were going to give it to us anyway, so it wouldn’t make a difference if I took one. There seemed to be plenty.”

The teacher laughed a bit at first, and then asked the other students, “Is this what the rest of you also thought.” And the entire class, embarrassed as they were, nodded in acceptance of their folly. The teacher then informed them, “This jar was actually almost full, and now it is halfway down.” He then showed them the jar, before proceeding towards a closet in the room where he had set up a camera to record the students’ activity.

Having showed his students the video of their stealing the cookies thinking no one was watching and no one will know, the teacher finally exclaimed, “Think of your democracy as this jar of cookies. Each time one of our generations will take away a cookie out of it, the next generation may not realize it has lost something out of the jar, but ten-fifteen generations down the line, a lot of the goodness the democracy contains, would have already been lost. And the worst part is; those generations won’t even know what they were missing out on.”

And with that he dismissed the class for the day.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Sunday, February 28, 2016

The curious case of Feminism in a Democratic Court


The curious case of Feminism in a Democratic Court

“Familism: The future is not just about our daughters. It is also about our sons, and above all, us; the man and his wife. It is about balance, and not prejudices.”

The election season in a democracy can have a very disconcerting affect on things that may have nothing to with the political scene. It can sometimes not really be about the mileage one party can derive or the other party can lose, but it could also be about creating an emotional atmosphere inclined in a particular direction, for that could affect the choice of the unaligned voter; the game changer. But you might ask; what has elections got to do with this piece of writing? Well, that proves my point! But I’m sure this is not enough to answer your query. So let me get into the nitty-gritty.

I agree, even if it wasn’t the election season in the US, Kesha’s case would have received a similar level of attention, and a similar style of support. That’s how feminism has been working; loud male bashing, distorted one sided viewpoints, bullying and outshouting those who raise a valid counterargument, and above all, disconnecting public from reality and making them assume all kinds of things before they start thinking the same way as the feminists would want them to. So now that you get the premise of this writing, let me state what exactly I want to address in this article; the irreparable and deeply concerning damage this dangerous assault on the democratic court structure might cause. Self serving agendas have always been in vogue throughout the history of mankind, and have never been good in the long run!

No, this piece is not about how Kesha’s case is a contract case, and how she can very well terminate the contract and pay damages. Of course, unfortunately for her the damages would run into millions, with Dr. Luke already claiming an expense of $60 Million in creating the Kesha that everybody knows and loves today, and add to it, all the money her contract would generate now that her career has been firmly established. In contract law Court looks not only at the actual damage sustained, but also the damage that cannot be mitigated by finding a replacement. Now imagine getting out of a contract, signing another one that might be a hundred times better, and still ending up spending the rest of your life working hard to barely pay back the damages from the original one. No wonder she was seeking a termination from the court in a way that would let her out as an innocent party not liable to pay damages. But that is not what this article is about. This article is about the way Feminism is affecting the democratic nature of both our society as well as our court system, and about how it is doing nothing but making the society as bad as the male dominated society only except the order being reversed through legal means. But the worst is; this will affect democracy in ways that go much beyond the case of feminism.

Going through social media pages what concerned me the most was, the court didn’t find any merit in Kesha’s case, but feminists had already labelled an innocent man rapist. How is this different from the days when church would label women as witches, or when men would label women as sluts, without any proof? But that is not the worst part of it. The worst part is; this labelling can only be justified if everyone was to believe each and every allegation Kesha had levelled against the man, as absolute truth. What this means is; the man is a criminal unless he can prove his innocence. And I am sure this gives you an idea where this writing is headed to from here on. But let me add that this is not all that is wrong. Even worst; why would one believe mere allegations to be true unless those allegations are presented as a generalized scenario that this is what generally happens. The entire case of Kesha is based on the notion that men generally rape women, and every time a women calls out a man as a rapist, she has to be believed. Now imagine your sons growing up in such a world or for that matter if you are a man, finding yourself at the receiving end of baseless allegations of a woman due to a twist of fate or a political design.

“Believe all women” is the slogan feminists use to press their case against men, although there is nothing in the human history or psychology to suggest such should be the norm. Why not believe all men? Now before feminists start working their brains and listing reasons to answer my last question, let me remind them; all your reasons would be based on a generalization about the entire male population of the world, when they would actually be based on a handful of men. And before you say that all men are alike, let me remind you; every woman in this world knows more men than one, and it might include her own brothers and sons. And if that is not enough to answer your prejudices, let me remind you of how historically women have not only been used as honey traps by men, but have themselves willingly hunted men for their wealth and power; the gold diggers, and the trail of broken homes that they left behind. There have been known sluts, and I can use this word without offending every woman, for they all know this is the truth. Now going by your yardstick if no man can be believed because some are bad, then no woman should be believed too for some women are bad. Feminists are doing nothing, but exactly what men used to do in an earlier society. Is this advancement or return to the old days, albeit on the other side of the coin? While men used to discipline women through physical dominance, feminists are pushing to do the reverse through legal dominance.

Now as I already mentioned, the only reason to find against Dr. Luke in the current case is to believe everything Kesha has stated against him, not because she has presented any proof, but simply because feminists want us to accept their assertion; men generally do that. If this is the best argument to win the case, then imagine all the reasons for which one could be labelled a criminal without any proof. Today it is about women, tomorrow it would be about terrorism, day after political dissent. And I guess you know exactly where we are heading to.

The political powers are already in your telephone, your mobile, your emails, your messages. You are hooked to television which shows slick programs produced on mind staggering budgets, not even realizing they are produced by those who have the big money, and they are not just making the money back with interest, they are also making sure they have complete control of the medium you will refer to when elections would come. And that is not all! You have big corporations like Facebook trying to control your internet too, through great sounding social gifts like “Free Basics”. There are paid peer groups motivating discussion on social media sites like Twitter. Now in such an atmosphere, add a situation where you could be labelled a criminal by mere allegations levelled against you, and you having to prove your innocence. Are we really pushing our democracy forward, or pushing it way back to the time when the crown could get anyone in the public and label them a criminal unless they could prove otherwise? It is not just male rights; it is not just the rights of our sons that are at stake over here. The very future of our democracy is under threat in the light of this mindless assault by women who are motivated by a single prejudice; all men are bad and all women angels.

The very concept of a democratic justice system is based on the notion; one is innocent until proved guilty. This is to ensure that every person would get a fair trial. But feminists have been abusing media power to create prejudices against men, and alter the democratic justice system towards a dangerous direction. This directly affects not only the interests of our sons, but also of our daughters and ourselves, for it erodes the fabric of a democratic structure, rather than taking it forward in a positive direction. The feminists claim they want equal rights, but are rather intent on destroying the same. The future is about finding the balance of interests, of both our sons and daughters. The future should be viewed from the perspective of a complete family. Familism is the way forward!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”

P.S.: On a personal level, I am a man who wants a good wife. And tomorrow if I have a son, I want a good wife for him too, someone who can take care of him and his home. I am sure every mother would think the same for her son too. But feminism is not going to give any of us that. In fact this post script would have already offended all the feminists out there. So why should I as a man, support it?