Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guns for revolutions

Guns For Revolutions
“It is not the bullet but the intention that kills.”
Humanity has a habit of slacking long time after achieving short gains. Humanity suffered attrition and turmoil to bring about the pleasant change in the form of democracy. The power that was enjoyed by a ruling class, finally ended up in the hand of masses. The ordinary people, whose only option was to work as peasants on big farms of landlords, or daily wagers for big businessmen, noblemen and kings, or do petty businesses like being cobblers or smiths, were finally free to enjoy the boon of opportunity available freely. An ordinary man, who could in an earlier time, only dream, could actually make a small start and then build up on it through his own hard labor, to reach dizzy heights of success. United States of America, India, and many other democracies around the globe were built by young enterprising individuals. But how does the time change!
The number of times I’ve heard during this US election, that America has been built by workers, I wonder if America is a Socialist country that has been built by workers. Am I wrong? Wasn’t it the USSR? Isn’t it China? Well, I may be wrong, for I don’t live in US! But anyway, this article isn’t about communism or capitalism. This article has emerged out of the current situation that is unfolding in the US. The number of public shootings that have taken countless innocent lives in US this year; are turning out to be some sort of a record of numbers now. But what is happening there, and why?
For a man who firmly believes that a particular US Politico-Business lobby created the 911 by using resources made available by friends in crime, just to hard sell a war to public, that was to be waged on tax-payers money to benefit the tax-evaders, I smell a rat. What worries me is the cumulative effect these shootings are going to have on the public perception about guns, and how will that reflect in changes in legislation. But why am I so concerned about the legislation?
Given the fact that US already has an unconstitutional act (what I am saying here, if there was one single intelligent/honest lawyer in US, he/she would have done that in a US court) in the form of the Patriot act, which enables the government to arrest and detain any person without evidence or legal remedy, these developments are even more concerning. To explain the real meaning of the act first, let me just say; had I been living in US, that act would have been used a long time back to silence me, simply because I am exposing the lies politicians are telling you, and my truth hurts their and their associates’ business interests. And I will have no savior from this act, and why, just because I have a different democratic belief, or just because I want a better world for ordinary people, which will be against the business interests of the powerful lobbies that buy and raise politicians. What a shameful statement it is about the second largest democracy in the world!
But then that is exactly why this act is unconstitutional. If an innocent man is held under this act, there is no way for him to get justice, leave alone prove his innocence. The fundamental principles of democratic law are; “You are innocent unless until proved otherwise”, “Even if a hundred criminals escape, not even a single innocent should get punished”, and, “In cases where you are guilty unless you prove your innocence, you deserve a fair chance to prove your innocence”. But this act is contrary to all those principles, all of which are enshrined in constitutions in the form of fundamental right. Under this act, howsoever long an innocent person is detained; he neither has a chance to prove his innocence, not is there a legal remedy available to give him justice for the wrong committed to him. And even if there were to be a remedy in the form of exemplary costs, the time spent in detention for no fault of his will never return, even if that happens to be years, for there is no time limit to the detention as well. This is against the very fundamentals of democracy and defeats the purpose why our ancestors shed their blood to get it in first place. The US Constitution has been publically humiliated and killed by its’ own government! What a shame!
But let me address the current topic; guns. The number of shootings happening in US right now, they represent the deteriorating state of mental well being in US, and the reason is not one. The economic factors can drive an adult crazy, emotional reasons can do the same to both young and adult, but why so many disillusioned youth? There is over-aggression, sexism, infidelity and immorality in the content being aired on television and radio, in movies and songs, and sexist violent video games. The last two generations of Americans have grown up on a violent culture. The first signs of mental stress, and the moment they break the result is chaos and destruction. But will a legislative ban on gun ownership be the answer?
Look at all the revolutionary movements happening as a part of “Arab Spring”, which I would rather term as “Muslim Renaissance”. The people of Arab world are not lucky enough to have access to guns, so majority of them have been forced to take the bullet without firing back, as is the case in Syria, or previously in Egypt. What if the Americans realize tomorrow that their politicians and businessmen have betrayed them? Are they strong enough to take bullets on their chest without an access to guns? I am a Sikh! My ninth Guru sat on burning plate, his followers were boiled in “Deg” (holy dish), some were split open with rotating toothed wheels, some were cut down piece by piece, the tenth Sikh Guru’s seven and nine year old sons were bricked alive. I can take a bullet to my head but not yield on my principles, and still not resort to violence. Are Americans like me? If not, then you need guns!
So what is the best solution to the current problem? A very simple answer that solves all the issues is derived from a simple fact, “A gun is as good as its’ ammunition”.
Americans have a constitutional right to keep guns, so be it. Allow every American to buy as many guns as he or she wants to, just limit the amount of ammunition to ten rounds per person. This ammunition should only be replenished once empty cartridges of previous ammunition have been handed back, and all the ammunition used had been accounted for its’ use, and attested by a respectable person. A person with ten high caliber guns thus will only have ten possible shots. You haven’t curbed his right to have guns, but you have restricted his abilities to below the levels required for such shootings. If a person was to go on a public rampage, he will be aware he can only use nine rounds for he will need one for self. In case a couple misfire, he will be down to seven, and if a couple miss the target, he will be down to five. And every shot does not necessarily take life.
Those who need guns for self defense, ten shots are more than a plenty. If they need any more protection, they don’t need more ammunition, rather a professional security company to take care of their needs. Those who like guns as a sport, they should only be allowed to use guns provided by and at the shooting ranges. And hunting should be banned anyway! What are we living in, dark ages?
Dwell a little more on my suggestion, and you will find it answers all the questions posed by those against the gun ban, and also gives a fighting chance to the public, in case their politicians will fail them once and for all.
Now before I close this article, a few things about “Muslim Renaissance” I referred to above. Europe had its’ renaissance first, and wherever the Europeans went, they took their new learning with them. As a result, nations like India, Philippines etc, all benefited. But the Arab world was left untouched by the European Renaissance because of the religious differences. European learning was underrated as a Christian phenomenon and hence, Muslim world remained elusive. What is happening in Arab nations now is that the people are finally awakening to the light of democracy, albeit a few centuries late, but they are. Their suffering hasn’t left me untouched, and I hate the thought of so many innocents getting killed, but I still don’t want the outside forces to interfere, simply because it will deny them their renaissance, and weaken their societies.
Their suffering, if it moves you and me, it sure will move the remainder of their brothers and sisters to wake up and side with them. Their final victory will be complete, and the realization of all that will be lost will enhance the value of their new found freedom and democracy. Their hardships and sufferings will motivate them to strengthen their society so much that such things won’t happen again. Their self respect will grow, and their communities will be strengthened by the brotherhood that will develop.
However if we outsiders interfere, there will be a section of their society that will believe that they were attacked and offended. Not only will we make enemies, but their society will suffer from infighting, and the resulting communities will be both morally, as well as democratically weak. Remember, “Renaissance is for a nation what enlightenment is for an individual.” Every society deserves its’ renaissance, and each one has to get it on its’ own through suffering.
Think clearly,
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