Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mother to child


Mother to child

"Mother is the first teacher and teaching begins in womb!"

Ever wondered why a politician's kids are a politician in the making while a good person's kids are always good? Ever wondered why a criminal's posterity grow up to be criminals?

You might have heard about some psychologists recommending expecting mothers to read good stuff as it improves the nature of the child who will be born.

The answer to the above questions and the explanation of the psychological aspect lies in the study of human chemistry.

Every thought germinates as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs in some brain cells. Every memory is stored in the folds of the brain as chemical products produced as a result of a thought or experience. Every chemical so produced induces another chemical reaction that results in a particular physical or psychological reaction or makes up a memory.

When a mother is expecting a child, the placenta acts as a bond between her body and that of the body that is developing inside her. The placenta is responsible for not only providing food and oxygen to the unborn but also provides immunity to certain diseases.

However the same placenta has been known to transmit diseases and poisons as well, from the mother to the child.

The chemicals produced in the brain as a result of an external stimulus or a thought, can also be transported by blood from the mother to the child across the placental bond. Which means that a child may inherit not only mother's genes from her, but could also inherit thoughts, behaviour, attitude, talents and reactions to memories that are not his.

So if a mother is reading and watching good stuff while expecting her child, stuff that will excite positive thoughts in her brain, the same positivity can be transmitted from mother to child, affecting the child's psychology and improving the child as an individual.

An artist learning or trying to improve upon her trade can transmit a learning acumen and possibly a quick grasping ability to her child. A mother who is fighting against odds to make both ends meet while expecting can transfer a fighting ability into her child.

However, on the down side, a mother who has bad habits, is immoral, and is of evil nature, will inadvertently transfer her negative nature to her unborn child.

So all you expecting mothers, what you want your child to grow up into is all in your hands. Do only what you would feel proud of yourself, read only what will improve your morality and listen and watch to only happy things, and your kids will grow up to make you proud.

Take care,

Amanpreet Singh Rai

(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)