Monday, December 16, 2013

What came first?


What came first?

“Success is the measure of efforts, not calibre.”

What comes first; aim to be achieved or motivation to achieve? An interesting paradox it is, for without a motivation to achieve something in life it’s hard to find an aim, and without an aim it is hard to find motivation to achieve anything. Perhaps we should delve on a question whose answer will not only satisfy both the scenarios, but also give direction to life; how to find an aim in life?

Schooling begins the moment you step outside your parent’s home. The community you live in is your first school that teaches you all the valuable lessons of life. Life however begins the moment you pass out of your school. This point forward, your every decision, action or inaction determines not only your future and that of your dependents, but it impacts the community you are a member of. Before this point you are a society’s responsibility, from this point the society becomes your responsibility. Scary it may sound, but should you be worried if passing out of the school one of your friends’ is discussing Harvard School of Law, another is talking Cambridge University, but you are there worried whether your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you last weekend? Maybe your friends were born with some genetic condition, like ‘Nerdism’; after all you cannot achieve anything in a day. So a day here and a day there won’t make a difference if you ultimately find your aim somehow strolling down the mean streets of life one day, will it?

Perhaps a day here or there won’t make a difference to what you will ultimately end up doing in life, but a directionless pursuit is more likely to lead you into doing something you are either not interested in, or something that won’t lead you to the point in life where you want and need to be. So even though you may not be inclined to think about your long term goals just today, for you may be having the hottest date in town tonight, but here’s a simple trick to determine your aim the first thing tomorrow morning after hangover, for that’s when you’ll find your conscience kicking you. Ask yourself then, “How do you want to see yourself when you are forty five years old”?

But why forty five years of age, you may ask. There are two reasons:

Firstly, forty five years of age is the time when a person’s eldest kid is about fifteen years of age, assuming they had their first child at the age of thirty. Fifteen years of age represents what you were two or three years ago before this point. This age frame of fifteen-eighteen years is the time when everyone looks up to their parents and determines if they like what their parents are doing for their living. You compare your parents to their peers and see where they stand in life. And this analysis of your parent’s working life should help you determine whether you want to be in a similar position as your parents, or something more or something lesser will do. You will know whether you like your parents work and living standard, and what they have provided you, and whether you want to provide something similar to your kids. This critical analysis will help you determine what sort of career path you need to choose for yourself, and this choice will automatically come with the pathways to take for its’ achievement. Once you pick a path, all you will need after that is to walk it. Your success will depend upon the efforts you will put in, and the efforts you need to put in will be determined by the calibre you have. I will talk about these in a bit, so hold on!

Secondly, forty five years of age is a time when one is still young, and will have a drive to either succeed further, or settle self beautifully for launching their kids’ careers, and securing their own retirement. Forty five years of age is the time when you finally have the resources and a family to enjoy your life with as well. How and how much can one enjoy, is determined by their career realities. The comparison between your parents and their peers, in conjunction with your own desires and dreams should help you make a career choice that will see you achieve that life at forty five. The future you want will give you the motivation to walk the path you need to.

So now comes the question; what is more important, efforts or calibre? One word answer: efforts. A brilliant mind is worthless if put to no use, and a simpleton can succeed if he continues practicing what he is failing in again and again. The more you repeat your efforts, the better you get at them, ultimately mastering what you are doing.

To give you an example; my best friend from childhood used to struggle with mathematics, barely managing average grades throughout. I on the other hand was a magician with mathematics, solving most complex of the problems, and my high school grades bear a testimony to it. But my friend wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer, something that involves extensive mathematics. The quickest way was to do year twelve with Science and Mathematics as subjects, and then clear a state wide entrance exam to study engineering. He picked the longer way. He did diploma in engineering first, something where he didn’t have to compete with the top mathematical geniuses for a place state wide as they all went for the quickest route. After his diploma, he competed with his peers’ state wide for a hard-fought seat in the top engineering college in the state, second year of degree. He fought a war with mathematics all through his degree, but always finished with decent grades. He mastered it through his efforts! Post degree he got a well paid job in the R&D department of a highly reputed multinational company. Today he is a high ranking official in another multi-national. Compared to him yours truly is sitting here writing this worthless piece. So what’s on top; efforts or calibre?

One final thing I would like to say is; seek excellence and success will come on its’ own. You achieve in life what you strive for. If you strive for success, all your efforts will be like a trial and error experiment where you will get one shot in bullseye and that will be your flash in the pan. However, if you strive for excellence in your field, success will become your shadow, for everything you will do will have the class, grace and finesse.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Myth is reality


Myth is reality

“Knowledge is a bane which in wrong hands becomes the curse.”

The thing about cancer is; it’s hard to detect in its’ initial stages, and once detected, if the patient won’t act to get treated, it goes away only with life. If you know something is wrong with the society, then waiting for it to get fixed by itself won’t fix it. When the people you trusted your nation and society with, they betray your society and work on hidden agendas promoting certain individuals, then your silence won’t awaken their conscience. You can look them in their eyes with innocence brimming out of your own, and all they will see is a ‘pitiable slave’ in you, like a bully having a good time at the expense of his victim. Human nature since ages! Rulers love having slaves! Do you honestly believe that a man like Mosses, who was himself rescuing a group of slaves from the clutches of a torturous Egyptian regime, would justify slavery in one of his commandments? Do you think the God you believe in created people unequal, for some to be slaves to the others? If the answer is no, then who do you think added the commandment about slaves in the ‘Ten Commandments’ and then ‘Bible’ (I don’t know about Koran, and Mahabharata condemns slavery as the lowest form of human life, something a man shouldn’t be subjected to)? It’s always leaders that humanity trusts, who betray humanity for their selfish ends.

In 1948-49, George Orwell wrote a very riveting novel about a Dystopian society, a novel which had often been banned by various governments world over due to its’ content. The novel is titled “Nineteen Eighty Four”, and what he wrote all those years back, is exactly what I see playing out in the society today. Let me just address a few salient features of the novel first, and then compare them to the ground realities of our world today, just to illustrate my point.

1984 (A novel by George Orwell)

1.    Big brother is watching you:
This phrase constantly reminds people that they are being monitored by the government (via TV screens in the novel).
Intention: To keep the population under control, and to nip in bud any signs of dissent against the ruling elite, exhibited by anyone, using “Thought Police”. Nobody in the society, which is not democratic anymore, can question the small minority controlling the state.

2.     A perpetual state of war:
In the novel, the state is constantly at war with the other two states, switching sides whenever the ruling party deems fit. The intention is to keep people scared of the enemy, and hence make them support the state all the time. The state itself orchestrates war, to distract people’s attention from other issues, so as to avoid a revolt on account of miss-governance. The wars’ are generally orchestrated in a way as to create an impression of a thumping victory over the enemy, akin to putting the foot down the enemy’s throat and stomping on it, to create a feeling of euphoria in the hearts of people, so that people love and admire the ruling elite.

3. Role of media and modification of history:
In the novel, the protagonist is a member of the outer party whose job is to alter articles published in old newspapers, to make their language reflect current ruling elite policy and line of thought. For example, when Oceania switches sides from East-Asia to Euro-Asia, the public is made to believe that Oceania had always been at war with East-Asia, and not Euro-Asia. The media is continuously used to alter public opinion and psychology, for fear mongering etc.

4. Psychological handling of dissidents:
Those who question government actions, and try to challenge it on issues affecting the society, they are isolated from the community, and broken down psychologically, so as to re-affirm them to the way of the government. Independent political thought, an important integral part of democracy, is non-existent in the society, and government is always correct. The top 2% population controls all the resources, and is the rich class, about 13% help them govern the society, while everybody else is just a worker.

Now let us compare this hypothetical scenario of the novel with the real world we are living in today. The similarities are disconcerting to say the least, but then, every time an honest man will speak out and explain to the society what is going wrong, and what can go wrong, if the society won’t act on his words and safeguard itself, the nefarious designs of the inherently greedy human race will abuse that knowledge and cheat the majority. Human beings love to rule other human beings. Majority was a peasant working in the fields and shops of the minority in pre-democratic era. Now since democracy has stopped evolving for the last so many decades, and oligarchy and plutocracy have found a back door to re-emerge, humanity is destined to work as peasants in their businesses once again. I am sorry I don’t have any kinder words to define the situation. Let us just get on with the current topic.

Real life situation today, how it compares to “1984”, the novel:
1.    Government snooping:
Thanks to Snowden, we all know how none of our communication (email/telephone) is private anymore.
Intention: Questionable at best. Human trafficking as well as illicit drug trade, they are all coordinated using phone/mobiles (I don’t think homing pigeons are in fashion anymore, or regular post is quick enough to manage on-road consignments). Yet, just like Boston attacks, hacking of British Soldier, shootings at Oslo, Colorado theatre or Wisconsin Sikh temple etc, none were ever stopped by the so called snooping. And I am pretty sure German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Indonesian President’s wife are not terrorists. As such, only reason I can guess is; this snooping will help safeguard ruling parties/businessmen against vigilante crusaders like myself, who can upset their malefic intensions apple -carts. It is really easy to single out a person, collect his personal information, to either scrap off their support circle, or gather information to blackmail them in case other methods/negotiations fail. This way, any new democratic leader of the society will not rise and question the government on its’ policies, thus creating a situation where the interests of the handful of big businesses controlling current set of political leaderships will be jeopardized. In fact, while the real honest patriots will be subdued, media will be used to project their own man as the alternate answer, with situations doctored to promote him into positive spotlight. Thus ordinary people will have no savior without an armed revolution. And who can have guns in Australia/India today, and who will be allowed to have guns in US tomorrow? The time is running out for democratic societies, if everything is still to be salvaged peacefully. At risk is peace we all value, or future we all hope!

2. State of constant war
The end of Cold War hasn’t resulted in peace anywhere. The conflict is continuously raging all the time. Cold War was immediately followed by First Gulf war, and the Second Iraq invasion (based on false information) has been followed up with the Afghan conflict. And I don’t see this conflict ending on account of a double game being played across the globe as explained in detail under the next heading. But let me just point out how conveniently media has been used to switch sides (like Oceania switching sides in the novel). In 1971 war NATO was backing Pakistan. Even during Clinton era, and post 1999 Kargil conflict, Pakistan has been given lavish financial and military aid, but suddenly now a new love has been found for India, and a scorn for Pakistan. Western media is suddenly full of praise for India. Go a few decades back, and India (which was on really good terms with the then USSR) was being picked out for human rights violations and persecution of minorities (1984 Anti-Sikh riots, killing of innocent Sikh youth in Punjab, atrocities in eastern states etc).  Look at the pro-India and anti-Pakistan media outlook today. Even historical opinions are being adulterated using media, for example by making public official communications of President Nixon, that point out how it was Nixon who was anti-India, and couldn’t stand the Americans who loved Indian democracy. Here’s a news link that sums up traditional views, but in a way that reflects as if it was just Nixon who was against India, or rather Indira (The news is from 2005, about time when a policy shift had just started):
And here’s a version of the events for Indian readers (note the difference in tone):

3. Role of media and double game:
For someone who reads news articles being published in both ends of the world; Middle-East (Asia) and West, I see a definite pattern in events. While news items in Asian region reflect on Western aggression as an inhuman transgression (like drone attacks killing children, Israel killing Palestinians, torture and discrimination against Muslims in west, NATO forces killing Taliban Militia involved in peace talks with local governments, etc.), western media is full of news that show Islam as intolerant religion, and Muslims as terrorists. To give you comparative examples:
a.     Media frenzy in middle-east at burning of Koran by NATO forces, pissing on dead Afghans, shooting wounded militia etc. And in west, the news blowout post hacking of British soldier, Boston bombing etc to instigate fear and hatred against Muslims. You all know how the one side of events affected the views of public on your side of the world. Now just imagine the effect the other end of news spectrum on the public at the other side of the world. Remember, you may hear particular news only once on your side of the world, but such news and many similar news fill up the media on the other side of the world. Now think: how will there be peace?
b.    Western media projects Muslims as terrorists, while media in Middle East repeatedly points out examples that Jihadists have often been trained by western agencies. Refer to the news item about former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s book where he mentions how one of the dreaded terrorists on death trail couldn’t be hanged because he was an agent trained by MI6 to carry out Jihadist work in Balkan states. Refer to this page and links for news articles provided in it, and see how it reflects as to the involvement of western intelligence agencies with terrorist organizations (What effect do you think such news articles will have on the minds of Muslim youth when they will compare it their ground reality, that their cities are under attack by the supporters of these men, on the pretext of killing these men only?):
In case the links don’t work, here are two alternates:

This is how the war is being fueled and fed with flesh and blood of innocent ordinary people at either end of the globe. All this is done, so that ordinary people world over cannot unite into one, for if there will be peace, then people will have the time to think about issues affecting their lives, like outsourcing of their jobs, wiping out of their small businesses from the market, the constantly increasing grasp of a few huge business houses (and families in case of Indian sub-continent, much like Mughal dynasty) on the Government, thus making democracy slip out of the hands of ordinary people. If you cannot have your own small businesses because it is unaffordable now, or because corporate giants (Grocers, furniture houses, fast-food joints, fashion stores) will whip you out of the market (delis, small grocers, coffee kiosks, clothing retailers etc), and your jobs are going to be outsourced (where are Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi going from Australia), what are you living for?

Thanks to FDI, Indians will find themselves in the same situation within the next 5-10 years, and the second rate political leaders they are banking upon, the ones’ who don’t even know the real issues, leave alone having the foresight to make India a super-power, they are going to make sure the next five years are a punishment to Indians for not standing up behind the true patriots. This is the second time in the last 70 years that Indians have opted for second rate political leaders. Doesn’t matter who Indians vote for in 2014, none of their new or old political leaders have the intentions, foresight, or intelligence to nail the real problems. Else tell me, why is it me who is always talking about FDI even so long after the initial damage? Why it is me who knows what is wrong with the “Food bill”, and how Indians have been cheated once again? Why is none of the Indian leaders, both old and new, speaking out? Why is it that Manmohan Singh was labeled a Gandhi Family puppet for his entire tenure as PM of India, and now that elections are near, he is being projected as the man behind the mess all along? Why was Rahul Gandhi quiet when he could have actually done something for India, and why is he shouting out his mouth today when all time has been lost? Why hasn’t Narendra Modi promised so far, that the first thing he will do if he wins the elections is, roll back the FDI decision? And why is the new kid, oh well, let’s not talk about him, for he doesn’t even know what the real issues are. He has been quiet all along, so I might as well stay mum about him. Why give him unnecessary mileage when Indian media is already doing well for him?

4. Psychological handling:
It’s really a shame that when people should be talking about issues affecting their lives and societies, they are talking about a girl stripping on stage and rubbing her back on a man’s torso. It’s a shame that the most influential woman media can find is the one whose claim to fame is stripping on stage and going nude in videos. Perhaps promoting nudity is the best possible influence a woman can have on contemporary women today. Perhaps women stripping in something as frivolous as a music video, to be watched at home by kids and families is the best precedent to be set. Perhaps people should be more worried about their daughters walking down the street nude than their government selling their interests nude. Besides, when all big leaders are funny as hell, all rich brats are cool flaunting their cash and making the most ridiculous statements, it’s the duty of ordinary people to love them. Who cares about the work they are doing, as long as they are pleasant to look at in media. After all, everybody loves Big brother in “1984”. After all, it’s only the image in media that counts. And if you love your leaders and owners, you should be happy to be their slaves. Ask the teenage girls and boys who love Beibers and One Directions, some even claiming them to be their daddy’s. I on the contrary wonder; was it their mother who used to date them, or are they a result of sperm banks? Low lives always make best slaves! Those who don’t have pride, they never fight for their rights, or for the welfare of society. Your next generation is already being prepared! Why else have I struggled to get media attention in the last three years even after so much work?

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Saturday, November 23, 2013

When a scheme is altered


When a scheme is altered

“When the real enemy is hidden, treat everyone as your best friend but count everyone as your enemy. Truth always reveals itself in time.”

All kinds of people follow my work; my blogs, my novels, my music and my socio-economic-politico activism. There are people who love me and my work, and there are those who hate me. But my problem is both!

Those who love me, they have never told me how much they love my music and writing, or openly supported me and my work, or openly promoted my work, when in a free democratic society, that was all that was needed. I have no reason or motivation to continue my work, but if I still am, it’s because I have a responsibility, as well as a hope in future.

Those who hate me, or are jealous of me, even they follow my work. But unlike those who love me, they have never stopped trying to de-motivate me so that I quit all my pursuits. What drives their passion is either their jealousy or their selfish interests. Perhaps the mere thought that if I continue working hard the way I am, I will reach the dizzy heights of success and glory while they will still be sulking in their lives, doing whatever they are today, is driving them nuts. Or possibly the fact that ideas like “Peace Makers Global”, “Equalism”, “Truth about Corporate Communism”, “Scientifically important topics”, and business gems like my songs and music, my novels, my poster series under the “Ace series” along with its’ punch-lines or marketing strategies, they all are a brainchild of a man who is not one of those they like, is their driving force. The only other people who would try to de-motivate and stop me would be the hired guns of the ones’ whose selfish interests my socio-politico-economic work directly effects. The fact that my work will benefit entire humanity, including their kith and kin and posterity, does not matter to them, for they are only interested in the money they are getting out of my situation today. Remember, humanity has always suffered because of its’ own that betray it.

How their plan works is very simple. Everything that I try to speed up my progress, they create obstacles, and in most cases sabotage it using those people whose hatred or jealousy against me they can abuse. Also, since it is very easy to follow my work for I do everything openly, for everything I do is not only legally and politically correct, but also in the best interests of democracy and everyone, they have another method; psychological dismantling.

So I am left with listening to conversations directly hinting upon my most recent tweets or work, but in a negative sense. Say if yesterday I wrote to a girl asking her for a collaboration, then today I will bump into a group of people discussing a similar musician who refused to work with a douche-bag of a guy. I know it sounds like I am losing my mind, for isn’t it what was alleged against me in my case with the Los Angeles based idiot, that I assume meaning out of things (that I am mentally sick, to put it in simple words)? But that’s the beauty of the crime I was a victim of. If I come out with what’s going on in my life, I will be labeled a deranged person, and if I won’t, such things will continue until I either lose my drive and give up my pursuits, or actually lose my mental balance fighting an unknown hidden enemy.

I know you are missing the point here! These things happen with me every day, for I tweet every day, and one or other of my works comes out every week, or second week, and I am forced to overhear pointed conversations every day, sometimes even by attracting my attention if I don’t appear to be listening to the conversation, by say a snap of fingers, or some sudden distracting noise. These are psychological tricks, and there is no dearth of motivated individuals to perform these. There are people in every city who are a part of secret societies like supremacy groups, fan groups of artists, or even a few jealous co-workers (it happened at my previous job too, something similar to what possibly took the London nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s life). Besides, some individuals prefer a bit of extra cash in their pockets than do anything for the society, leave alone seeing another man achieve success and glory just through his hard work. Worst is; these are charges that cannot be proved against any of them. For a man who is the least hardest to find, for my address and phone number have been on my website for the last three years, for I do the same thing at the same time everyday (like catching bus, doing my part-time job, then jogging back home, staying at home, then repeat), I am the least hardest to follow. I don’t need to be killed when I could be destroyed psychologically and emotionally. And just because those who love me don’t care for me, doesn’t mean those who hate me, or are scared of what I will achieve for the society against their selfish interests, would let me get away.

“Peace Makers Global” is a project on hold because of two reasons. Firstly, I have been delayed (by delaying my success, which would have meant both funds, as well as media coverage and fan following to share my idea with). Secondly, the enemies of humanity have modified their strategy. I call them enemies for their selfish interests are more important to them than the welfare of the vast majority, especially when there is enough in this world for everyone (while still respecting the class difference between richest and majority), provided the greed of a few doesn’t go overboard. They are actively pursuing a world where ordinary people will once again be slaves/workers who work for someone who owns all the resources, like the peasants of yore that worked in the fields of landlords, kings and noblemen. All the blood, sweat and toil of ordinary people that gave birth to democracies globally, so that no one man can be the owner of all the resources in the society, stands to lie waste.

If you think I am mistaken in my assertion than go no further than the example of the former US senator Frank Church, who warned about the dangers of NSA spying in 1975. Nobody knew Frank Church outside US, and none of the US citizens remembered his warning. But did that stop NSA? Rather the situation went from bad to worse. And even today, with all the hue and cry raised about it, the gross violation of privacy is not only continuing unabated, but is getting worst. Just because you have closed your eyes doesn’t mean the truth in front of them has vanished!

Anyway, Peace Makers Global is on hold because the new strategy of the criminals of humanity is to mislead population by giving them unimportant and minimal gains, to give everyone a feeling that all is getting well, and going on well. Another part of it is to create a feeling amongst the sections of global populations where I could have found support for my projects, that all is well and that the enemies are their best friends with best intentions at heart. The delay humanity has caused to me, has made my job that much more difficult, by letting humanity’s enemies alter the playing field completely. So keep sitting with your hands on hands. The only one who stands to lose out of this situation is you!

There is a vast sea of difference between the way I treat people, and the way people have treated me. You all know how many people I have promoted through my social networking pages by promoting their works. It’s strange however that none of them has promoted me by promoting any of my works using their social networking pages. In spite of my previous experiences, I still treat everyone as my best friend unless they prove otherwise, but thanks to the same experiences, I don’t count them as my friends either. So it doesn’t matter that they have all betrayed me. But it does hurt though!

There are global artists whose works I used to admire, and who were good people originally. But then due to some strange reason, they all started actively harming the interests of our society by their irresponsible actions and behaviors. I reasoned with them, I reasoned with everyone, what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what is a better alternative. But my reasoning didn’t stop any of them from deteriorating even further in their acts. Left with no choice, and since the society I was a part of, and the society I am a part of, their interests are my responsibility, I had no choice but to publically snub such artists and pan their actions and works. This is just another example as to how ever much you may reason with those with selfish desires, they are not going to change their ways just because you are not happy with them.

I have been delayed because my success hurts your enemies. If you are more interested in knowing which girl I am hitting on now, and which girl is flirting with me, it’s really a shame on your thinking. All the girls are just a distraction, primarily for me, secondarily for you. None of them loves me, or ever loved me, and I love none! Besides, why would a girl love a pauper, howsoever well meaning, talented and intelligent he is?

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”