Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to the Dark Ages


Back to the Dark Ages

“If only option given is to fight for their rights, then real men fight!!”

We all know how even an ant can make an animal the size and proportions of an Elephant scream like a baby, but what I always say is, “When two Elephants fight, ants should stay out of it!” I can understand if I am not making any sense to you so far, I rarely do, but by the time I am finished with this write up, all the statements I’ve made so far will appear as simple as calculating the square of the smallest prime number.

Anyway, to explain how humanity is once again headed towards “Dark Ages”, it is important to point out the beauty of our lives today, in-spite of all the turmoil the entire world is in. Majority of the earth’s population today enjoys freedom unthinkable a few centuries back. Not only the distinction between the various classes vanishing fast, but people now have a lot more opportunities to succeed than they had ever before in recorded human history. But is this freedom really evolving into a truly free world or are we being covertly cheated by a handful of us; and our society is actually in degradation mode all over again? This is the question that will be answered by this write-up under various headings. So lets’ get inside the puddle!

 Society, Laws, Courts, Government, Forces and Police: Where it all fits?

As soon as man climbed down the trees to walk on his hind pair, society was a natural institution to evolve. However, the dynamics of the society were altered differently by various members of the community, depending upon their behaviour patterns. Some members were considerate to the needs of the others in the community, and were really enthusiastic about and interested in the society’s advancement. Some others were merely selfish and wanted everything for themselves, without giving anything back, either by force or otherwise. Humanity realized, it needed protection from its’ own kind.

Laws were made and communicated amongst the entire community, to regulate the flow of life, work and activity in community. Not too long though, the erratic one’s realized, “Laws are no bigger the monster than what they believe them to be.” Laws needed protection!

Humanity came up with the idea of courts, made up of chosen members of the society who were to administer “Justice” by punishing those breaking laws enacted by the society. Problem stuck! Who was going to administer the punishment when the one who was offending was the strongest member of the community? Courts lacked bite!

The courts needed arms to put life into judgements. Thus was born the organization now much maligned globally, the Police. Too bad this organization was ineffective when the offenders were from another community, not under the control or influence of their own jurisdictions. The community needed a shield and armour!

Thus was borne the “Army”. It was not much later humanity realized there is much more invaluable service to be derived from the army, the service of spreading the reach of community. But where do all these parts of the society fit in a hierarchical order in today’s world? Or rather I should say, “Where do all these parts of society always fit in a hierarchical order in any society?”

In light of not only their hierarchy of formation, but also the reasons for their formation in the first place, and the purpose they intend to serve, one thing I can emphatically state is, the top dog in hierarchy can be no one else but “The Society”. Everything else should always exist below it, at various levels.

Since society made laws for its’ own benefit, and can alter laws at any time, laws are secondary to the society. What was considered illegal during certain phases of human history might be perfectly legal now, and vice versa. The best example is “Witch hunts” of medieval times. Similarly, there might be situation where certain actions may be perfectly legal under the law but the society as a unit might refuse to accept it. For example, in India community may boycott a girl who bears a child from an illegitimate relationship even when there is no legal instrument to declare her a criminal or punish her for having a child out of wedlock, but no court in India can force the community to accept her back into its’ fold.

Continuing from this current line of discussion, it is safe to comment that courts are hence tertiary institutions in hierarchy of importance. It is more comprehendible when seen in the light that Courts exist for the sake of Justice, which is a way of upholding laws, something which is much more important than any court. And since laws are created by the society and exist for its’ sake, the levels of hierarchy arrange themselves so naturally. Police department and other organizations that help courts administer the justice are one rung below.

Now coming to the Government, those who have read what I’ve written elsewhere will remember how I emphatically state, “In Democracy, Government is not the ruler but rather the employee of the society that contracts it for a fixed term to work for it. In Democracy, Government is not the owner of the resources or the country, but only a caretaker appointed by the society, with permission to use these resources only in the best interests of the society.” Both Government and Government actions are amendable by Courts. Hence, the Government comes below the Courts in hierarchy. However, since it is Government which administrates and controls organisations like Police force, intelligence agencies, anti-corruption units, taxation etc, Government is one rung above them all.

This leaves us with one last and major sector of the society remaining to be ranked, the Army. Since army exists for the protection of the society, just like laws even Army is one rung below the society. Without society there can be no Army, and without army the society cannot exist, leave alone courts, government and other sectors. So army is above everything else in hierarchy.

And this is the importance of all the units of the society, in the order of importance they naturally deserve. Whenever any units tries to usurp this hierarchy, the ensuing chaos is always invariably detrimental to the society and its’ members.

 Monopoly:

I know I have discussed this issue at length literally everywhere else, but this is something so important for the society, and such an omnipresent issue, it has to be touched, dissected and reconstructed again and again. So here we go!

I have already explained how when business of the entire community is controlled only by a few big corporations even “Capitalism” degenerates into “Corporate Communism”, and how it is also the main reason behind recession and many other ills. Let me just take another example to not only explain this in simpler terms, but also explain why it is important not to mistake “Monopoly” for “Capitalism”, leave alone the opportunities it soaks up for individuals. And this time I am only going to take an example of single brand retail sector, unlike supermarkets which are multi-brand retail chains.

Two of the biggest furniture warehouses in Australia that I’ve come across are “Ikea” and “Le Cornue”. What are these businesses? How they affect our lives? What are the trades they affect? And are they good or bad for the economy, society and ordinary people?

Simply put, these retail chains are furniture specialists, who buy furniture from small carpenters either contracted by them or employed by them, and sell them to the customers at cheaper prices than local carpenters. They provide jobs to a lot of people in their retail chains on one hand, and on the other, make the lives of carpenters easier, for now they don’t have to go scouting for customers for their products. The only business affected by this new arrangement, the small carpenters, is only to the extent that rather than making and selling furniture from their own shops, they work as wagers wherever Ikea or Le Cornue have their factories, or are contracted by them. The other works that need carpenters, like new building constructions, exteriors and home improvements, renovations and fixing, they are still with the small or local carpenters.

So does this augur well for the society as a whole or bad? Well, rather than answering this question myself, I am going to explain the scenario where there is no Ikea or Le Cornue, and you can judge for yourselves as to what situation is better.

When a small carpenter makes and sells his own furniture, he keeps all the profit in his account. His market is local community where he runs his shop. His products don’t sell beyond a certain imaginary boundary. Anyone who wants to be a carpenter can set up such a small production unit and make their living. Most of the carpenters will need some extra pair of hands for their business and will hire apprentices or trained carpenters to work for their production houses. The woodwork shops that become renowned for their products will need marketing as well as counter staff. The profit made from sales in the community will stay in the bank account of a local businessman. Best part is, if a new-start wants to open his or her own business, it is really easy to compete with local competition by offering better prices, simply by cutting own profit.

Now at this stage if a retailer like Ikea or Le Cornue was to enter the picture, firstly, the local competition will suddenly be facing a big player with enough resources to get products manufactured at a far off place for peanuts, ship them over, then sell them at throw away prices. The local manufacturers will have no choice but to close direct marketing and sell their own products to the big player under a contract, thus their profit will instead start flowing into the big player’s account, or they will have to close down their own business and look for jobs in one of the manufacturing units owned by the big player. Nobody in the community will have resources to set up their own small production unit and compete with the big player anymore, and the profits from not one but every community will end up in the accounts of one or two people, neither of whom might even be remotely associated with the community.

It is imperative to comment, “Capitalism means equal opportunity for all!” It is unimportant whether everybody avails the opportunity or not, or how well they do so, if they do. But if there is no opportunity available, it cannot be classified as Capitalism. Remember friends, “Freedom is the essence of Democracy, opportunity the meaning of Capitalism!” Monopoly cannot be Capitalism! I guess I can leave the rest to you guys to figure out by yourselves.

 Sex and media: Our society under attack:

Just the other day my attention was caught by a queer trend doing the rounds on twitter; “No Panty Day”. Now we all heard many an interesting, sometimes even outrageous, campaigns highlighting various social issues, so the first thought to cross anyone’s mind expectedly would be, “Is it regarding some relevant social issue?” However the question that knocked the doors of my brain was, “What kind of an organization would enact such a buffoonery, irrespective of how important an issue, like cancer or AIDS, might they be highlighting?” And I am not making such a statement because of any religious or cultural issues, but much more important and core issue, the future of human society itself. One look at the twitter timeline for the said trending topic, and the truth shone out in all its’ brilliance.

There are women around the globe who sell their bodies for money, for whatever reasons they may have. There are nude pictures of women dotting the internet, and there are plenty of adult movies on the market. In such a scenario, how hard is it for a handful of unscrupulous elements to misuse internet with an intention of destroying the moral fabric of the society? I know the two questions that straight away flash in our minds are “How” and “Why”. So let me dig in both of them one by one!

Ten people running ten different but fake accounts from ten different locations can post nude pictures of women who either specifically posed for the said project in lieu of money, or whose pictures are already available on the internet. No sensible girl from a good family with good moral values and upbringing will do such a thing in her sane mind. However what this does is it starts a trending topic which gives the impression that there are girls who are actually posting pictures without their panties, thus attacking the moral restrictions in place in everyone’s mind. Young minds are impressionable and gullible. Such a trend could lead to mistakes the people might live to regret the rest of their lives as such things have a life altering potential.

Besides, by promoting lose and uncontrolled sexual behaviour, such un-scrupulous elements are putting the emotional health of relationships and psychological health of society under further duress. People are already finding it hard to achieve stability and longevity in their relationships, thus suffering depression and suicidal tendencies, such an act will further destroy the sense of responsibility in a relationship in young minds. Hence, such activities only dilute the moral fabric of the society.

But why would anyone do such a thing? From enemies of your nation trying to destroy your country’s emotional health, to puppets of powerful business lobbies, their controllers can have a wide array of vested interests in making an entire generation sex-addicts.

Sex is one of the three most powerful drives in all living creation, along with hunger and safety. Any organism can do anything to satisfy either of these. Sex is one of the things we all are living for as sex is the only way of producing offspring and keeping the humanity alive. Such is the emotional and psychological impact of this one act, that irrespective of how tense your life is, irrespective of how much you struggle through your day, the one minute pleasure you derive at the culmination of love making makes you forget all your travails of the previous twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes. The pent up frustration, be it against your boss, your colleagues, your employees, your friends, family, your Government, politicians, business associates, your own life, it all vanishes like mist under sun. You may be charged up to take all the issues including your Government head on, but the moment you relieve your sexual desires, suddenly all the anxiety and angst vanishes and your attitude immediately changes to, “Damn! Do I care?”

In the current economic scenario where majority of the population is grappling with financial insecurities, rising costs, insurance, mortgage etc, when youth don’t have any opportunity except shrinking under-paid unemployment in Corporate owned businesses, the frustration against the corruption in politics and the politicians selling your and motherland’s interests into private hands, is sky-rocketing. Everyday Governments (read politicians) are passing laws to curb free speech and freedom, and destroy the unions who actually work for the welfare of workers (If there are still any left which are not run by corrupt Union bosses who are political side-kicks. In all honesty, the current Union leaderships have destroyed all the good work done by the Unions of yore). All this is being done with only one intention; protect the corrupt politicians and their businessmen friends from public backlash.

Media has sold its’ soul to businessmen as the media moguls themselves have business interests and political loyalties. In current job market journalists have lost all their freedom and hence intention to bring out the truth. They neither have the influence to dictate the stories to be published or highlighted in media, nor do they have the intention to risk their job, for they know nothing will be done by the Governments run by corrupt politicians in case the truth were to be brought out. In such a scenario a disoriented public, often mislead by media organisations with vested (Politico-business) interests, generally pours out into streets for a public action. Generally the politicians make false promises and use media to calm the public down again and nothing concrete ever emerges from such public action anymore, but the current level of frustration in public is so high that ordinary man is being pushed to the level of revolt. In such a scenario, misdirecting public energy into uncontrolled sexual behaviour is the only safety net protecting the current crop of politicians and businessmen, even if it means destroying the moral fabric of the society completely.

Then offcourse there are always a nation’s enemies who would rather see your nation to be morally destroyed so that the resulting emotional destruction leads to your nation’s downfall anyways. But then, irrespective of the fact as to who is behind the misuse of media and internet, at the end of the day, the ball is still in ordinary people’s court.

If you find your media promoting songs and music which only promotes violence, lose sexual behaviour, criminality, then such singers, actors and producers are not worthy of being made into heroes or heroines of the society. If all you watch on TV or hear on the radio promotes pessimism and lack of faith in relationships, or tries to impress you to give up your responsibility to make a relationship work then be sure, they are not your friends. Their work is being promoted to destroy your moral strength, to make you mentally weak and accept everything that is wrong with your society as a part of life.

No! That is not true!

The only truth is, “Life is beautiful!”

What we make of our lives is in our hands. We can make our lives worth living by accepting our responsibilities in our relationships, not letting go relationships easily, and by punishing the repeat offenders of our society who treat relationships as warranty cards. Nothing is perfect, but we can make everything beautiful with our diligent labour.

 Classification of ordinary human beings; Cowards, heroes, traitors (Pawns):

This brings me to the last part of this write-up and I am not going to be kind with my words. You all will have to take it with, not just a grain of salt but, an entire bowl of it. There is no other way I can put my message across. So here comes the blow!

Ordinary people can be classified into three categories, which for ease can be grouped into one majority group and two minority groups. Let me get down and dirty with all.

a) The Cowards: Majority of the ordinary human population is made up of cowards. I call them so because they all know what is wrong with their society, and also what needs to be done to fix it, yet none of them will step forward to take up the responsibility to fix it themselves, and if someone from the next group does so, they won’t rally behind him or her to give the strength of numbers to make a difference. Their mindset can be summed up as, “My life is cool! I am happy with what I have and what I earn, my house, wife, kids, car and property. The problem of the society is the problem with my neighbour’s life and I don’t need to go out of my comfort zone to fix it and put my own life and security at risk.” This group is well aware of the fact that their inaction is going to destroy the future of their own posterity. This group has forgotten their lives are good because their great-grandfathers left their comfort zones to fight for the rights they enjoy today. Now this group is ready to let the rights of their kids and grand-kids mutilated as they are too comfortable in their own homes and lives. They make those brave sons and daughters of motherland look like idiots, who join the army and die protecting their motherland’s interest. I wonder why anyone would want to die for a country when they have happy lives with nothing to complain about!

b) Heroes and heroines: This is the smaller of the two minority groups, and is nearly in negligible numbers. This group is generally made up of people from the majority group above, but who for some reason have lost their faith in the system, and dreams and aspirations completely, and have decided, “If no one else is going to do anything to fix what is wrong, then I will do it!” They might not have been born heroes but their lives have surely made them out to be. They are those people who put their lives and liberties at risk to do work which will make the lives of every other person worth living and the futures of entire humanity and its’ posterity, better and safer.

c) Traitors, or more aptly, Pawns: This is the much larger of the two minority groups and consists of ordinary people who are not only cowards that will not do anything for the cause of humanity, but who will go out of their ways to stop those from the second group above, from achieving anything that will help their own lives and posterity too. Their driving motives could vary from jealousy to prejudice (Racial, sexual, religious or otherwise) but mostly they are those ordinary people who for a very small one time monetary or otherwise benefit from the corrupt politicians or businessmen, stoop to the lowest levels to stop the way of the heroes. For all practical purposes they are traitors of the ordinary people but I prefer to classify them as “Pawns”, and not without a reason. They are the people who have been bribed with a petty personal gain to stop the one who is going to give something much more important to everyone including them. Those who bribe them will never treat them as equals or give them anything more than “biscuits for dogs”, but they still have to work for them, well aware of everything. They prefer to be used, knowingly! And those who are willingly used can be nothing else but “Pawns”.

Here I would like to say only one thing to those who are Heroes or Heroines, “Those who are Pawns, have themselves decided to be used for their petty personal benefit. Have no mercy in your hearts when you destroy them, for their destruction is the only way to achieve anything worthwhile for the entire humanity. And we all know what is more important!”

As far as I am concerned, I have no dreams or aspirations left in my heart that I want to get fulfilled. There is nothing anyone has to offer that interests me or will buy me out of my fight for ordinary people. For someone who begged every Tom Dick and Harry (including then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and various media outlets world over) for help, for someone who literally cried for peace, I have no mercy left in me.

When the only choice left for you is to fight for your rights, real men fight! Now my personal battles have led me into a full-fledged war for the sake of humanity, and anyone who stands in my way now is not just my enemy but the enemy of entire humanity, hence un-pardonable.

Enjoy Fatal Urge Carefree Kissing “Amanpreet Singh Rai”..


Sunday, June 17, 2012

What after Death?


What after Death?

“Death is a mirror distorting the reflection of the Life it fronts.”

Simplicity of religious assertions is in no way a guarantee their true meaning will be aptly gauged by either their proponents, or opponents, or believers alike. One such scenario is the case of disparity amongst religious texts as to the life after death. But the ambiguity is not in the content matter describing the things to come after crossing the line of no return, but rather in understanding the true motive behind these lies that have been fed to human brains for over centuries. Let us take a very short and quick look at the two school of thoughts that follow death and thereafter.

According to one school of thought, death leads the soul to either the “Pearly Gates” or the “Prickly State”, popularly theorized as “Heaven” and “Hell” respectively. The basic premise here is; good deeds throughout your life will lead you to “Heavens” where you will enjoy all the bliss and fortune for eternity that you are required to shun during life. Bad deeds on the other hand lead you to the dreadful and dreary state of Mr. Devil, “The Hell”, where you are adequately roasted, fried, pierced, poked, sown and reaped, cut and dried, depending upon how industriously you relished the worldly charms in your spare time and otherwise on this Earth.

The second school of thought treats “Death” as a door to another life, whether plant, animal or human, once again depends upon your adventures in the current episode of “Life before Death”. Worst is, even if you end up a human in your next life, your life history, or rather life future, is governed by the mistakes or lack of them from your previous stint as two-legged-two-armed biological enterprise.

In simple terms, both schools of thought promote an ideal world full of moralists. It was a psychological protection the intelligent few of our race developed against the strongest few amongst us. The rest of us were just merely there to make the muster. But we all believed in it, toed the line laid down by the clergy.

But all this is what you already know! What new do I have to add to it?

Well, I want to take these beliefs to their next level, in an attempt to decipher their true messages, and also to convey one of my own. Let us take the first case scenario.

If you believe your actions will lead you either to “Heaven” or “Hell”, is there any reason for you to not do the right thing and make sure you end in “Heaven” only? Why live like slaves to a few, if you only live once? Why let someone snatch from you what rightfully belongs to you and suffer quietly, if you live only once? What gives anyone any right to dictate their terms and decide how you should live, if you are only going to live once? Don’t hurt others, but why let anyone hurt you if you only live once? If you really live only once, it becomes all the more important for you to live free and as equal citizens, and make sure you leave the world a better place to live in for our posterity. Our posterity has as much right to live in a free, better world as much we want it for ourselves.

Coming to the second version, if that happens to be the case, you still need to do the right thing so that you don’t end up suffering for the rest of your next life, not just because your actions determine your next life, but more so because your inaction could be equally detrimental to the future you might be living in. So basically, if there is something wrong with your present, you need to make sure you fix it so that in your next life, you don’t have to suffer. Do the right thing, never hurt others, but make sure your world is a better, equal and peaceful place to live in if you die tomorrow and are born as human beings again. Not only will your deeds be good but also, it will improve everyone’s life.

So friends, if there is something wrong with the society, it is your job to fix it. If something needs to be done that no one will do, it is your job to do it. If you are only going to live once, live free and as equal to anyone else, and if you are going to live twice, make sure you leave the society a place safe enough for your next life to be free and equal to everyone else.

Think carefully and then enjoy,
Fatal Urge Carefree Kissing “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heaven or hearth, the Hell is on Earth


From Heaven to hearth, the Hell is on Earth

“While an imperfect imperfection is partly perfect, a perfect imperfection is perfect in its’ own imperfection!!”

Warning: Contains graphic description of gory scenes. Recommended only for those allowed sex legally!

Rated: Overrated

Note: Sex is the selling point, not content matter.

The beauty of human brain is in the effortless smoothness with which it performs its’ functions, right from out birth to our death, tirelessly, without stopping even when we are asleep. One of the many and varied functions of brain that we often call upon it to perform without realizing is, sieving facts from fiction. We humans have a strange liking for fiction, perhaps because it came much earlier than science. Maybe it has its’ roots in our dreams that even the first from our race would have had enjoyed, the very first time he would have slept. Wonder what the very first dream of humanity would have been? Perhaps a nightmare that Eve was a man! People think homosexuality is a problem, imagine how Adam would have explained the situation to Eve, what with language still in its’ developmental stages and no previous terms of reference available.

Religion and faith had long been the staple form of fiction for much of human story. In fact, it is hard to imagine any religion or religious leader without an associated volume of fiction. Now if only humans knew I wasn’t born but flew from outer space into my mother’s womb, and the day I was born, formation of a new Universe also started!

Anyway, my current topic is not about Universe for a change. Its’ just that, now having wandered so far into my familiar territory, I might as well write something utterly blasphemous.

As the entire world including scientific community and religious brotherhoods grapple with the question, “What lies beyond our Universe”, I am wrestling with an issue, entirely different. I am questioning, “Where is this Universe and what would have been there had there been no space?”

Perhaps the ultimate paradox, and the one you all can answer yourself would be, “What came first, GOD or space?”

I know the answer but neither is this world ready for it yet, nor do I want to answer the next question that would face me, were I to answer this one, the question, “Did prophets like Mosses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, and others lie to us?” All I can say for the moment is, “Prophets, Messiahs, Gurus and enlightened pure souls don’t lie, for any reason. Everything they do or say is a part of a bigger scheme of things.” But I am not the one supposed to give you all the answers. I am the one supposed to raise questions only. More blood is due to be spilled before humanity would figure out the answers it seeks today. However I can tell humanity, its’ existence hereon will hinge on the answers it will deduce. GOD does not have a form! Human body has no special significance for GOD! Even dinosaurs didn’t matter! There is no such thing as epitome of creation for the Creator!

A few days ago, at another location, I pointed out an incident of reference for humanity. I referenced the fact as to how humanity has been pumping out oil and digging out coal for over a century now. The question I designated to be unimportant was, “How much amount of flora and fauna got stacked under Earth that after so many years we are still getting oil and coal in lumps, and our usage has only multiplied?” The real question as I pointed out at that time was and still is, “How did all that organic matter got buried so deep under, not just soil but, rock?” What’s important is not the time period since the dead organisms got buried, but the amount of soil and rock needed to bury them so deep. Do you realize how much soil and rock would have to be added on to the Earth, or removed from one location to another to bury them instantly without or with incomplete decomposition, thus maintaining the neutrality of much of the Earth’s altitude?

So what exactly am I writing this piece about? What is it about heaven, hearth and Hell that holds my attention to the current chain of thoughts?

Growing up in a GOD fearing family and an overly religious society, I couldn’t have been left untouched by the mythology associated with every religion being followed in the community I grew up in, least of all, the fiction associated with each one of them. Only problem is, for a questioning mind, fiction is an ideal substrate for the fungal invasion of thought, contemplation and critical evaluation.

Although many myths about every religion are nothing but exaggerated statements of creativity, some do present an unmistakable finger-print of their origins from our own worldly realities. One of the commonest myths of Hinduism and Sikhism is, if you do bad deeds, your souls have to suffer the pain and ignominy of living through various life forms for your next ‘Eighty Four Hundred Thousand’ lives. The basic premise here being the unknown entity, referenced as soul in various religious texts, the one that makes a mass of cells living or dead by its’ presence in or absence out of it, is immortal, hence transferrable from one body to another. Given the fact there are ‘Hundred Thousands’ of plant and animal species, it is not hard to grasp the origins of this part of the religious puzzle. It was how religion hard sold its’ ethics and fear amongst the masses that followed faith, thus giving the complete control of the masses into the hands of the intelligent few who ran houses of GOD. It is a similar story in every religion!

However, an even more enduring yet scary, appealing and appalling, intriguing but invading, concept to come out of our religions has been their most potent selling point, the Devil and his hell, a place where we all are supposed to head to once we perish, if we don’t follow our religions to their exact words, disown and discontinue sinful behaviour, mend our ways, and share in kindness. Most religions paint a similar friendly portrait of Mr Devil, and describe with equal √©lan and elegance his beautiful mansion called ‘Hell’. Let us just revisit some of the highlights of Mr Devil’s princely state.

We are told how Mr Devil is a mean and cruel man, very dark in colour, either red or black, with a sharp spear or trident in his hand, an evil grimace and over bearing stature. His princely state is no less overpowering in beauty. While the palace stinks, the evil souls are fixed to the ground, surrounded by slimy dirty water and infested by worms that dribble along the floor. The scorching heat sets the air inside literally on fire. Such hotness can in some instances be replaced by a spine chilling freeze. And then there are Mr Devil’s assistants, monstrous as they are in their appearance that, along with Mr Devil, mercilessly chop off the limbs and pieces of the souls, and then devour them. Sometimes when fed up, Mr Devil and his assistants mercilessly chop off the heads of the souls before mercilessly bludgeoning their bodies against hard rocks. At other times the souls are boiled before being fed to a demon, as dark as night, with horns rising out of its’ head and a menacingly dancing tail at its’ back. Few of the most sinful ones’ are even forced through the minute holes at the ends of the stitching needles. If sins are awful, their punishment’s atrocious!

But why go to such lengthy extents detailing a fiction so deeply embossed on human psyche world over? Well, I may not be supposed to answer the questions humanity needs to figure out answers of, I do have an obligation to help humanity discover the truth, just to give it a fair chance at survival. So here in this piece I am going to explain the origins of the fiction associated with “The Devil and his hell” so that humanity can figure out the reasons for the birth, promotion and propagation of its’ fictitious existence.

Let me start with an example of a paddy and a wheat field. At the start of the summers or autumn, depending upon the crop, a hard working farmer tills, ploughs and irrigates his fields so as to ready it for prisoners he is subsequently going to subject to torture every day. Paddy, originally germinated and cultured in a nursery, is planted in standing water. Now just imagine the life history of the rice and wheat plants from there on, and extrapolate the example to the fate of the soul after death to realize how it explains the various facets of the fiction just mentioned above.

A rice crop bound to the ground from the feet, it grows in standing water, burning under the scorching sun during the day, just the night brining it some solace. Similar is the plight of poor wheat crops in general, with only differences being in their type of suffering. They have to withstand freezing winter every day with little respite of limited warmth under the sun, its’ suffering multiplying with the freezing winter temperatures. There is nothing to keep it warm, and the chill is merciless. It is subjected to the freezing effects of fog, settling mist, and cold chilly rains.

Their feet surrounded by worms and maggots that crawl all over their bodies, some even feeding bits off them, these crops can do nothing except suffer in silence as they live through the stink of the dung and decaying manure that fills their surrounds all the time. When they have suffered their initial punishment, the time arrives for their final subjugation. A farmer, pleased with his efforts, looks at the ripe field menacingly, grinning from ear to ear and ready to mercilessly chop the poor crops with sharp edged weapons, cutting and tearing with no emotional attachment at all for the crops he so willingly and laboriously subjected to persecution in his field. His eyes are full of practical un-attachment!

The plant heads are mercilessly chopped off by the cruel impact of a sharp brute force by a man, who depending upon his tan has either turned red or dark under the sun. With their heads already lost, the rest of the bodies of the poor crops are then chopped into smaller pieces to create fodder which is then mixed with green crops and fed to the demons of varying colours, like black for the buffaloes, each of which have four arms (or feet if you like), a tail dancing menacingly behind, and two horns growing out of their heads. What is then finally left standing of the poor crops, with no chance of escaping or running away from their fate, is either mercilessly crushed under the weight of ploughs and harrows as ground is dug open and flattened, or are set alight by the cruel farmer.

With their suffering still not finished, the heads of the poor crops that were chopped off earlier are then thrashed mercilessly under brute force to pull their skulls out of their skin. The skulls are then sold like cattle to other Devils that either boil them in water and feast on them merrily, sprinkling them with spices and salt, and mixing them with curries or other culinary, or crush them under the weight of stones into fine powder and then knead them into a gelatinous mass which is subsequently roasted on fire and eaten.

Now if you think the sufferings of poor rice and wheat crops are too torturous, let me assure you, they are still a thousand times better than trees. Trees suffer not just scorching heat, but even freezing chill, for not just a stretch of time, but rather decades. Their limbs are mercilessly chopped off and set alight while they suffer in silence, fixed to the ground. Devils and demons pick holes in them, pierce them at will, micturate on their bodies and pick their progeny, feasting on it. They suffer their punishment till they dry up, still standing where they were, when their bodies are mercilessly chopped and set alight, or converted into in-animate objects that are subjected to manipulation for further more years.

Who says Hell exists at any place other than Earth? I haven’t even yet mentioned how even humanity lives in stinking slums, suffering disease, torture, hunger and vagaries of nature. For them hell is where they already are! And then there are those who can feed, wear, drive and enjoy whatever they want to. For them this is Heaven!

It’s time humanity realizes where, how and why all their myths came about to exist! Beyond this, I cannot help humanity any further. I cannot answer your questions for you, for that is your prerogative.

Enjoy “Fatal Urge Carefree Kissing” Amanpreet Singh Rai..