Monday, May 19, 2014

"Peace Makers Global" and students


“Peace Makers Global” and students

“A student is a citizen who hasn’t given up on nation yet.”

The idea is of a “community corporation”, as clearly and emphatically opposed to a “community organization”. The difference, in addition to the long term aim and short term objectives, is in the way the two are organized, financed and run. But before I discuss these differences, or choose not to in the current instance, I want to explain why I want the students to take up PMG (as I loving call it), rather than pitching the idea to trade organizations and unions. And I will also explain how this organization can be set up as a functioning unit in about three months, globally.

ð Why is PMG meant for students?

1.    Future employment scene: The organization, once running, will need countless lawyers, accountants, software and hardware engineers, and many other tradespersons (skilled and unskilled). The employment opportunities will be countless, and will be everywhere.
2.    Small business scene: Many students come from families that own small businesses like grocery stores, barber shops, cafés, mechanics, hardware stores, furniture shops etc. Many students might wish to own one such small business for themselves in the future. PMG safeguards the interests of those businesses on one hand, and will promote newer businesses via financing etc on the other, as explained shortly.
3.    Big business scene: PMG will not only act as a bank for upcoming young guns to set up their own business, but will also work with existing businesses, big or small, helping them grow within the communities they cater to. PMG itself will subsequently invest in and own businesses like for example dairy industry, wineries, electronic products etc. However, PMG will sell 80% of its’ stake in such businesses to private individuals, so as to drive competition in market, as well as provide and promote business opportunities for multitudes of people. The 20% share in such businesses as set up from scratch or purchased by PMG, is meant to provide finances for its running (as in employing people, and supplementing banking and investment etc). Students thus will have opportunity to own small businesses that they can grow as big as they can manage to, or get employed in various competing industries.
4.    Research, education and business scene: Subsequently PMG will be investing in research (medical, military, all kinds), as well as fund enterprising initiatives for a sustainable future, technological advancement etc, provided of course that PMG will be given fair financial interest in such projects. Educational and vocational institutions will be set up to impart premium quality education and training to students from well to do families, but at the same time, free to underpriveliged society’s wards. Education and research build up nations and societies. We are aiming of a “One Borderless World”. Besides, PMG will help girls caught in sex trade and other bad situations, to train in vocations or professions they want to, while they will still earn their money from whatever they are doing. PMG will help them organize their finances, save money, and then help (including as loans) in setting up their own businessses, which they can make part of the bigger PMG family, and make a fresh start in their lives. Reformed criminals who have served their sentences can be helped similarly to make a fresh start.
5.    Nation building scene: Students leaving educational institutions are yet untouched by the frustrations prevalent in working section of the community. Student community is the one section which is least likely to discriminate amongst minority groups because of the bonhomie that exists in fresh hearts. Students are the only group in a society that still honestly wants their nation to succeed, that still wants to do something for their nation as well as society. Students are the only group that still hasn’t given up on future, or their nation. Otherwise, why is it that most sacrifices in wars come from young soldiers? And why is it that more youth are still keen on joining armed forces, or armed causes (right or wrong is beyond the point of discussion here)?
6.    Political reasons: The work PMG is going to undertake will put people in a position where they will be actively working amongst their communities, building relations and a supporter base. The kind of political advantage that PMG employees working in the field will have, it would be an understatement to make, that I expect PMG wards to make political impact globally. This particular impact will help bring global communities together and will serve us well in building a prosperous, peaceful, equal opportunity (the word is equal opportunity, not equal wealth) full “One Borderless World”. And this is exactly the reason I haven’t pitched my idea to trade unions or workers organizations, because they are full of people with their own political and personal agendas. They are not even a quarter as honest as students, and less than one percent interested in national welfare (their personal, class or political interests are always paramount).
7.    Ultimate aim: The ultimate aim as already mentioned is to attain a peaceful “One Borderless World”, where no single person or corporation, or a group of such corporations is the owner of the world, and provider of all opportunity. PMG is the community corporation, which even if it controlled every business in the world, would still only have a 20% ownership of it all. And even that 20% share would actually be back owned by the community itself, for PMG will be made up of all the small businesses that are associated together as PMG. Hence, PMG cannot be classified as a single corporation, unlike other business corporations that are owned by a handful of individuals. Freedom and equality will thus be safeguarded. Besides PMG will not, and it actually cannot, replace any private organizations, for PMG at best is only a market competitor, not a monopolizer.

ð So how can PMG be started in under three months?

If you realize the power of ordinary man, this question is not hard to answer. Every student lives in the community he or she is a part of. Every student knows at least ten small businesses in the area they live in. Even if we don’t have a student living in every area of the world, as long as we have a few students living in most of the metropolitans of the world, this is how PMG can lift off in one single motion:

1.    The formation of PMG Chapters internationally: If say from today onwards, for the next three weeks, students organize locally at their institution level, and then contact me, we can organize a global video conference in the fourth week. Those groups who will attend that video conference will immediately establish PMG Chapters internationally, say for e.g. PMG New York, PMG London, PMG Tokyo, PMG Sydney etc.
2.    The introduction of PMG to the community: Over the next month, the volunteers of the various international chapters will reach out to the businesses in their local areas, explain them the concepts we would have discussed at our first global conference, and tell them how we are going to pool their orders into one single order, bringing down their purchase price, and then provide common transportation to bring down their transportation costs. We will explain them that we intend to place the first combined order (let us say for example) in six months time. So we will need to collect their rough orders (which will be confirmed later on closer to the date), and one person for each chapter will have to compile all the data (obviously with assistance from other members of the chapter).
3.    Next conference and thrashing out issues: Once we have collected the initial data we will have another video conference at the end of the second month where the first PMG Division will be created, the “PMG Small Biz” division. This division will select members from the global Chapters, based upon their geo-political location, and create sub-divisions to manage the affairs, say for example “PMG Small Biz Greece” or “PMG Small Biz Italy”. All the local chapters will become affiliated to their respective national divisions, and the orders will be pooled nationally. Other divisions like “PMG Legal Aid” will be set up subsequently, and all the chapters will be automatically affiliated to their respective national sub-divisions, to manage legal education and services for weaker sections of the society (This will happen in second or third year, maybe earlier, depending upon our initial results).
4.    Getting work-ready and the start: The third month we will collect voluntary donations from the interested business owners and members of public for initial start of PMG, get our insurance covers ready, sort out transportation contracts, negotiate with businesses we will be buying the products for our members from (for cheapest price etc) and meet for our next video conference where the readiness of each Division will be assessed. Those divisions who would have covered sufficient ground would be given an all clear to proceed with the first set of orders. Those still behind will be returned to the field to do some more work.
5.    Firm footing: Once the businesses will realize the benefits of PMG, expect many more to join the ranks.

Doesn’t matter where in world you live, and where in world you go, as long as anyone will shop in a business bearing the PMG logo, we will insure them quality and standardized prices. All the flashy gimmicks of the big-multinational chains will be available at the same competing price from every corner store. The good thing is; the money of the entire economies will not pool up in a few accounts that only use it to buy out the opportunities from the market. Such monopolization is pushing our democracies back to the days of aristocracy where kings, noblemen and few businessmen owned everything in the country, and every ordinary man was just an underpaid worker. If that is the kind of world you want to live in, what was the need for so many people to lay down their lives for democratic struggles. If that is the kind of world Egyptians, Syrians, Libyans etc, are going to live in, why the heck did so many of them die in “Spring Revolutions”? Why are the “Ukrainians” dying?

Remember; all the big shopping malls, supermarkets, fast-food joint chains etc don’t mean that your nation is rich, for your countrymen are only underpaid workers in those big businesses. All it means is that some filthy rich people have enough money to build empires, wipe out small businesses (that is you or someone like you), and your politicians then claim that “we have developed our nation”. Rich Corporation owning every shopping mall in every major city of the world means only one rich family in the world. Those big concrete structures do not belong to you. You are either just guests/customers in them, or plain workers. Where is the development in it for you?

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