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The evil monkey inside Chris's cupboard


The evil monkey inside Chris’s Cupboard

“Prejudice blinds eyes, greed blinds soul!!”

Important note:

Before you read on let me sum up my neutral opinion in following few words: “If there is greed on one side, all I see is idiots on the other. Due to their combined acts the whole world is burning and everybody is suffering, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, all.

Also, towards the very end of the current write-up there is a very important message for my fellow Aussies, and one for my American friend. These messages explain not only why I am doing all that I am, but also the basic concepts behind it, and more importantly, why what I am doing is important not only for the Aussies but also Americans, Iraqis, Iranians, Koreans and everybody else. Even if you don’t like what I’ve written in paragraphs below, I request you to go through that part for sure.

Please read on!

Time hasn’t moved too fast to forget so soon how Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler and his bunch of hoons, created a terror of monstrous proportions. Stories of World War II still fire up both the imagination of the fiction writers, as well as the enthusiasm of historians. But why am I working the ghosts of the past today for this write up? Is this piece going to be a work of fiction or a catalogue of history? Probably neither and probably either, even if only a bit!

Now let us just dissect the modus operandi of the then Nazi Nationalistic regime to set up a basic understanding about how corrupt regimes work; and I am using the word corrupt fairly liberally here for the corruption that I talk about is neither just about the greed for money, nor just for the lust of power, and perhaps it is about both. I understand completely if you are already feeling lost in the woods of words, but trust me, by the time you go through the last word in this write-up, you will be crystal clear about where you are, where everybody else is, and where all of us are heading today.

So how was a well meaning country like Germany first taken over and then mislead by the Nazis? Irrespective of the fact whether the Nazis were really motivated by national interests or lust for power or imperialistic greed, by the time the Second World War ended, reparable damage to economies and irreparable damage to millions of families across the globe had been done. Did it all take long? Well, is a decade and a half slow?

So how did the Nazis do it? Divide, persecute, wage were the three recurring themes of Nazi brand of Nationalism, or rather Nazi wave. First they divided the German society by inciting hatred against one section of the community, the Muslims (Oops! Sorry, it was Jews). Then they persecuted the Jews (legislations against face veils, head gears, frisking at the airports, detentions on suspicious grounds, finally followed by cold blooded murders and concentration camps like Abu Ghraib and Guntanamo). Last stage of their campaign was to inoculate public minds with fears for national security (chemical weapons in Iraq, Muslim militia in Afghanistan, nuclear missiles of Iran and North Korea) and then justify their invasions of other nations calling it a war for the promotion of national interests (Oil lobby).

Ok! So this piece is going to be a work of fiction! Heck yeah!

Now before I fragment the current topic into further details, let me add a few words about my Muslim brother too. The way a small segment of Muslim community responded to the situation, it not only fanned the fire but also added fuel to it. The actions of Taliban and Al Qaeda not only gave credence to the stories being propagated by the greedy bunch but also justified all their subsequent actions. The idiocy of this section of Muslim population has caused more harm to Muslims worldwide than the bombs and bullets that have killed their fellow men and women. Rather than promoting Islam, their actions have only succeeded in promoting hatred for Islam and Muslims. If they had set out of their homes to fight the “Holy Jihad” so that everybody could have a reason to hate Muslims, and so that certain sections of the society get an opportunity to kill Muslims and claim it to be the best thing anyone could have done for the global community, then all I can say is, “Bravo my brothers! You’ve done well!” As much as the corrupt political sections are responsible for all the turmoil today, this section of Muslim community cannot escape its’ share of blame. By not seeing through the actions of their opponents and playing straight into their hands, they leave me no reason not to call them idiots.

Anyway, getting back to the current topic, reading international news is generally a very painful experience for me. I call it painful for all I read is suffering, somewhere due to famine, somewhere due to disease and mostly due to war. Then there are letters in bold that highlight the ridiculous statements being tossed around by people who dare to call themselves leaders and pioneers of their respective national interests. Let me get down and dirty with a couple of stories (works of fiction) that I’ve assimilated out of various international news items.

Not that I am too happy about the headstrong and impulsive North Korean regime’s decision to go ahead with their space odyssey in spite of the harsh economic sanctions already in place on an impoverished economy, but the news of their mission’s failure, while it must have cheered up their detractors (read their own blood, their siblings, the South Koreans) and their so called enemies (greedy western business-political lobby), it made me re-access the global situation. While a few Tom Dick and Harry among the Republican Party were busy using the opportunity to promote their friends (Businessman-Politician lobby) agenda of divide, persecute and wage, I was thinking about how shamelessly they are misleading the public.

How can every one miss one simple fact that in spite of all that has been claimed about Iran’s hatred for US and its’ allies including Israel, all the distrust about Pakistan, all the hatred during the height of Cold War against the then USSR, and all the distrust regarding the Communist China, neither Pakistan has shared the nuclear know-how with Iran, nor has Iran shared missile technology with North Korea? Even USSR and China never shared the nuclear or missile secrets with either Iran or North Korea. How long will these greedy few keep misleading the whole world and waging war after war just to safeguard their financial interests? If all these nations were against US or a threat to the national security of US, don’t you think they would have already aligned, even if clandestinely, with each other? Do you think the North Korean missile would have fragmented above the South China Sea even before its’ first stage could separate?

Let me dig some more ghosts from the past. How was Vietnam a threat to US National security? It was a small nation looking to find its’ bearings at the end of a colonial era. The problems that face the Korean twins today are not because they were a national security threat to US. It was again the US Business-Politico lobby which didn’t want a communist Korea. Saddam Hussein’s forces might not have killed even a cow in Kuwait but it was the NATO forces which killed 100 thousand Iraqis in one war. How was Iraq’s Kuwait occupation a national security threat to US? The chemical weapons were never found in Iraq but 1 Million Iraqis are dead since.

Let us just for example imagine a situation where both Iran and North Korea were to develop a nuclear weapon and an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering the warhead across the oceans to both US and its’ allies’ shores, overnight. Do you realize how much distance separates US and its’ allies from both Iran and North Korea (except Israel and South Korea which I will touch in next paragraph)? Even within the limitations of the current missile defence shield technology, do you think it is still possible to hit any important targets in any of these friendly nations? And do you realize what the consequences for both Iran and North Korea would be after that? And most importantly, do you think they are idiots not to realize the same?

Now coming to the question of Israel and South Korea, agreed both Iran and North Korea can nuke the two if they had the ability. But then again the question is, “Do they have a reason or intention to?” The reason I raise this question is in continuity to the explanation given in the paragraph above. Both Iran and North Korea are well aware of the repercussions such an act will be followed with. Do you think the allies will let either survive after such an idiocy? And do you think Iranians and North Koreans are dumb not to know it? For those who think Iranians and North Koreans might go nuts and do a Kamikaze act, the question to ponder upon is, “If they had to go for a fight to death scenario, what is stopping them from doing it right now, after all nuclear ability or no nuclear ability, the result is going to be the same?”

For those who know world history would be well aware of the fact that Persian Empire was one of the ancient empires and the Iranians are their descendants. Their culture is based on dignity, honour, valour and virtues (which are different from western civilization). In such a scenario I never expect Iranians to come and say, “Look, we are scared of your might. We will toe the line you will mark for us.” I don’t think the Iranians want to fight, however, due to their cultural background they will never yield to international pressure for fear of their lives or due to economic embargo. Such moves are always going to be counter-productive. Did a weak Saddam Hussein yield to NATO allies? The fact that Iranians are saying, “We are ready to discuss peace, however, we need to get so much of Uranium ready for our peaceful uses,” goes on to show they realize both the gravity of the situation, and also the need and importance of peace. In such a scenario only those politicians are making irresponsible and inflammatory speeches who are either born idiots and not fit to lead their communities, or those who want war for their own greedy ends. All the international pressure is a direct handiwork of such section of corrupt leadership only.

While Iranians are ready for constructive talks, certain dishonest sections of world politics are instead trying to flare things up and stall the peace process, thus driving the Middle East towards another crisis. It is much the same as it was prior to the first Gulf War. Peace efforts take time to yield results and Iraq was not butchering anyone in Kuwait. The cost of the war finally paid in Iraqi blood was much more than what it would have cost in money had ample time been invested in the peace process. The war might not have happened at all, and so wouldn’t have everything else that has happened since.

Now lets’ take another burning example of our times, Pakistan! It appears that certain section among the US Political scene doesn’t want peace at all. A few months back when a group of Pakistani soldiers was waylaid by a freak US drone attack, the subsequent public outcry in Pakistan forced the outraged Pakistani Government to stop the NATO supply routes through its’ lands, supplying NATO forces in Afghanistan. Just a few days back, since it’s been a while to the said incident and the public outrage has subsided a bit, Pakistani Government unilaterally decided to re-open the supply route for non-combative supplies. But how did certain section of the US Government react? It came out with a statement that drones strikes on suspected militant targets on Pakistani soil will continue. Not that there is anything wrong with the decision, but the question is about how the decision has to be conveyed. Had it to be done publically to put the Pakistani Government in a spot amongst its’ own citizens? Is this the way friendly relations are promoted with allies?

The correct way would have been to raise the points of strife at the appropriate Government levels, in private. But current attitude in no way reflects an honest intention of patching up. If anything, I see it as a direct attempt to incite hatred against the allies in the hearts of Pakistani people thus forcing them into joining forces with the anti-social elements.

 A very important message to my American friends:

But then things are not just wrong with the way international policies are been formulated and implemented today. Let me touch upon a very relevant and touching issue of the death of Martin Trayvon.

As much as the act needs to be condemned, it is important not to forget that this was an act of one prejudiced and possibly unstable individual, not an act of a race against race. But so dirty has the modern political situation become, the issue has been intentionally ballooned in a way to split American public on racial basis. What for? I don’t know how the previous elections in America were fought, but this election appears to me the dirtiest of all fought so far. An innocent has been murdered in a secluded act of one idiot and the situation has been conveniently and shamelessly manipulated to divide the entire public, or at least try to divide it.

I seriously hope the American public sees through the dirty trick being played in the backdrop of the now warming up political season. The thing to be remembered is, “It is not race which determines the future of America but economic policies.” What is more important to determine is which candidate has or will pursue policies conducive to the growth of general American populace. Rest is all crap! This is how elections are fought in India; on caste, religion and region lines. And this is exactly what I am going to fix about Indian politics very soon. However, my American friends may well be warned about what is going wrong in their own world beforehand.

 A message to my fellow Aussies:

Now comes the most important part of this write-up; my message to my fellow Aussies. What I am going to write down now has either never been brought to the notice of Aussies, or has been easily sidelined by distractions. I am not only going to make a statement but I am also going to give you the reason as to why I made that statement, what my intentions are and how everything I am doing is very important for world peace.

I am not sure if my fellow Aussies have ever realized but Bali bombings were carried out neither by an Afghan nor an Iraqi, but by Indonesian born and brought up individuals belonging to a militant organisation from Southeast Asia. Yes Bin Laden made a threatening press release and linked Al Qaeda and the said organisation, but that in no way incriminated Iraqis or Afghans, and in no way justifies the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan that had happened much before it. Before the two Gulf wars and Afghan invasion, neither an Iraqi national (or Saddam’s man), nor a Taliban Militia had harmed any Aussie.

Australia is not a part of NATO yet the impetuosity and foolhardiness of the then Australian regimes dragged Australian forces into an act that can be described as nothing else but greed driven imperialistic invasion of a certain Politico-Business section. However, now we are so neck deep in this situation, we cannot get out of it just like that and expect everything to become normal. Now it will seriously compromise our national security. This is why what I am doing becomes all the more important.

I am desperately trying to salvage an amicable solution out of the current mess. I am desperately trying to create a scenario where lasting peace can be talked about and achieved. Even though my actions and words bear a testimony to both my efforts and intentions, I will still enumerate the steps of the process I am following.

Firstly, I am trying to show the people of both sides what has gone wrong, why it has gone wrong and how it can be fixed. If I am telling the people from the Allies how their politicians have cheated and mislead them into a war meant only to safeguard and promote their selfish business interests, I am telling the Muslim community how their actions have been wrong.

Secondly, I am trying to build compassion between the two sides by pointing out the losses already suffered by the Muslim world to the western world, and then trying to explain to my Muslim brothers and sisters as to how the ordinary people of western nations are not their enemies but rather scared of their own future and fooled by their own corrupt leadership.

Thirdly, I am trying to show the picture of a beautiful world that can be to both the sides, so as to hard-sell peace to both of them.

However, I cannot achieve all this on my own. A single voice is often lost in the crowd, while a solitary voice is lost in wilderness. It is really important to value people who sincerely want to make a difference to the society, for everyone is not equal or same in talents and abilities. A leader will be a leader, a teacher will be a teacher, and a soldier will only be a soldier. Let me scroll a few pages from history to explain my point.

 Mao Zedong, a great visionary:

The other day I was reading about Mao Zedong and was impressed to know how it was his policy decisions that have worked wonders for China in the long run and made China what it is today. He took the hard decisions and Chinese lived them, often at the cost of their blood, but look at where they are today. A political entity that is barely 63 years old is one of the leading powers today. It is not that Mao Zedong never made a wrong decision. Some of his decisions did occasionally back-fire but most of the time it was either due to incompetence or corruption of those working for the regime in China. Yet none of the setback was big enough to alter the outcome of his visionary policies. The China we see today is a by-product of a great visionary and an honest leader, Mao Zedong.

Compare this to the situation in most of the former Soviet states. Where do they stand today? Look at the disparity, corruption, poverty and suffering that mars their societies today. Why did that happen?

Well friends, a nation that forgets the great sacrifices made by its’ citizens, a community that leaves and forgets the path shown and highlighted by its’ most trusted and best leaders, and a society which fails to respond to the calls of an honest leader, no one can save that nation, that community, that society from suffering the consequences of their actions and choices. The Soviet populace forgot the great sacrifices made by the revolutionaries and undid all the good work done by people like Lenin and Marx. They were bound to suffer the repercussions.

 A piece of advice to a friend:

Lastly, I would like to make a point for the benefit of everyone in general and someone in particular.

“You don’t join the army because your partner cheated on your or dumped you and now you want to take it out on others by killing them, and army is the only place where you not only get a weapon but also legal permission to kill those demarcated as enemies. You also don’t join the army because you are fed up of killing Zombies and World War two Soldiers in 2D or 3D and now want to get a taste and feel of the real weapons and kill people in the Real-D.”

You join army because you love your country so much that you can kill for it, and you can die for it, in order to keep your country and fellow countrymen safe and make them feel proud. As far as the two scenarios mentioned in the paragraph above are concerned, while the person in situation one needs emotional support, the person in situation two needs social-rehabilitation. However, neither of the two deserves, nor should they be given access to uniform and weapons.

Anyway, I have done my job. Now it is up to you people to think about everything I’ve said, rationally and without prejudice.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,

Amanpreet Singh Rai


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How and why India is being sold


How and why India is being sold

“The only thing worse than a political establishment selling its’ own motherland is the public which continues supporting it!!”

Ever wondered why International community is always so keen on slapping erring nations with economic sanctions? Don’t you think any nation can be self reliant and survive hale and hearty even without foreign trade? Why is For-ex so important? And can a nation actually survive in seclusion from International trade? The answers to these questions are really complex and entangled. However, to get things rolling, let me answer the last one first.

Consider a family living in a jungle, all on its’ own. All the family does is gather wood for fire, hunt for food and use hide for clothes, and all it has is a hut for a home. They have no interaction with the city that lies just beyond the edge of the jungle, they have no television, mobiles, internet, or electricity, and hence offcourse, no future. If you consider this situation as surviving, the answer to the last question is yes. And perhaps it answers the second question as well, the one about being self reliant: yes a nation can be completely self-reliant.

The point is, any country can be self reliant within the resources it has available at its’ disposal and can build a safe heaven on earth within the limiting constraints of those resources. But the moment it needs something that doesn’t exist in its’ environment, is not a part of its’ treasured Gold, it has to interact with international community. This is where trading ties kick in, and once the trading ties are in the picture, Foreign-exchange (Forex) reserves kicks in.

Forex reserves are the reserves of “International Currency of Commerce” which a nation holds, which it can use to buy from international market what it needs to develop or run its’ affairs successfully. The only way of building these reserves is by either exporting something to the world for the same “International Currency of Commerce” or by buying the same currency using its’ own currency. The value of a nation’s own currency is determined by how important its’ own exports are, for remember, it is always cheaper to buy a country’s products using that country’s currency, provided you have enough of it. The moment you start converting one currency into another, more so in case of “International Currency of Commerce”, the expenses increase as one is required to pay conversion rates and other fees. The current “International Currency of Commerce” as we all know is USD.

Lets’ take the example of Iran: Iran has oil to sell to the whole world which gets it Forex. But Iran has other needs like food, minerals etc. Imposing trade sanctions on Iran will decrease their earnings and put strain on their Forex reserves, meaning they will have to shell more money to buy “International Currency of Commerce”. Given the fact Iranian exports will be under sanctions, the value of their currency will drop further meaning they will have to shell even more, thus making it poorer. But offcourse if their Government is intelligent they can still create avenues of income and Forex generation by developing tourism, exporting education, and it could be no better time to develop self reliance as well. However the effectiveness of all these will depend upon their enthusiasm, honesty, intelligence, steadfastness and devotion to their motherland.

Now to return to the main concern of this topic, my motherland “India”, what does the current discussion have to do with India?

As an expatriate, I have always had a keen interest in the running of the affairs of my motherland. One of my best friends is a Major in Indian army who has already served in “Jammu and Kashmir” and “Manipur”, and has taken a bullet on chest (luckily he was wearing a safety vest). I have grown up reading about the great sacrifices made by great freedom fighters for Independence, the travails of partition, the subsequent engagements with Pakistan and China, and have been a witness to Kargil conflict. Nothing hurts me more than seeing the Indian politicians sell my India to foreigners so shamelessly and without remorse, just for personal benefit. What a bunch of traitors!

Now how is this blatant and shameless selling going on that I am trying to expose? Why is it going on? And how does it affect the future of India and every ordinary Indian? Let’s get on with all these questions, and in the course of all this, my brothers and sisters from former Soviet states might also get an idea as to what went wrong with their own economies. I don’t promise it to be an exact description of reason for their sufferings, but it just might be close enough.

To begin with, for someone who has been monitoring the rise and fall of Indian Rupee ever since he could remember, I would be lying if I said I was surprised at how the Rupee had been taking a constant tumble in comparison to USD. Surprised would be a very inept and mild term. And if I say I didn't smell something fishy right from the outset, it would be true only if I had been suffering from an eternally blocked nose with limited ability to smell. I was always scratching my brain as to why Indian Rupee was struggling especially when the US and entire world economy was in doldrums while Indian economy was still holding its’ own amid all the chaos. And when the pieces finally fell together I felt like lining up all the Indian politicians in front of a shooting squad made up of soldiers who’ve served in Kargil, and ordering them to fire at will. GOD knows, if there is anyone I cannot stand, it is traitors. So what happened?

Indian politicians have notoriously sold “Mother India” and its’ interests times and again, thanks to their inherently corrupt blood. India, as much as it is a land of great warriors, so many have it seen traitors who betrayed the same brave sons of India whenever India’s need was dire. This time however, they have crossed all lines of decency and morality.

Billions of USD, accumulated as black money originating out of kick-backs over the decades since independence, had been rotting in various foreign banks across the globe. Swiss Banks are the most notorious although twenty two account details have been provided to the current Indian Government by a German bank fairly recently. The politicians have since been busy making excuses in media as to how it is difficult to determine the identity of the real owners of those accounts and how investigations are under process. I somehow get a feeling, some money will exchange accounts and the truth will never come out. But what has this money got to do with this write up?

All that’s been happening in India since the past five years or so is directly linked to this dirty black money. The corrupt Indian politicians who sold “Mother India” and its’ interests to accumulate it, what a shame they have no means to use it. They are now getting desperate to get this money into action and live it. But how can this be legally possible without getting caught?

About two decades ago Indian economy was a closed economy. That was around time when Indian treasury was running empty and there was no source to get money, money which was needed for development, but more importantly, money that the politicians wanted to steal using their power and authority. At that time India took vast sums of loan from World Bank for running various projects. The loans were granted and the corrupt Indian politicians had a field day ripping Indian public behind the veils of various development projects. The sub-standard projects finished, a big chunk of money was siphoned off into foreign accounts using illegal tactics, and India was left with a huge debt, a debt whose principle was the least of concern when the interest was growing bigger than the galaxy.

The loans had been granted to India after it had provided Gold as loan protection. Time was running out and India was about to lose the Gold forever. This would have put the then Government and politicians on a very sticky wicket and they would have been completely exposed. At this point the Indian politicians sold “Mother India” to G8 group of countries. The deal they made was to open Indian market to foreign products, thus dealing the first blow to the Indian business Diaspora. The second part of the deal was to privatize all Government undertaking thus helping the foreign companies to make even more money via joint ventures with Indian companies. The money the foreign companies have since made out of Indian economy is much more than the entire loan and its’ interest. The Indian public was fooled by telling everyone as to how World Bank has forgiven the major part of the loan, and how the then Finance Minister and current incumbent Dr Manmohan Singh has brought the Indian Gold back. And those who tell me that foreign investment created jobs and helped Indians earn money, dude, that money did not come out of foreign pockets but was paid out of what was being made out of Indian economy.

Now it is the third stage of the same deal which is being hard pressed to be put into action, which if I could help, will never happen. At this stage the entire Indian market is going to be sold to foreign companies, making India a foreign colony once again, in all technicalities. The Government and flag will remain Indian but all the business will be foreign owned.

FDI or “Foreign Direct Investment” is the name every Indian is today familiar with. What is the story behind this FDI? And where and how does it fit with corruption, black money and selling of India?

As I mentioned above, the Indian politicians not only want to bring their black money back into India but they also want to sell India completely as they will be earning even more kick backs in the process. How is all this going to happen?

The politicians are very keen on passing the FDI act as it will enable foreign companies to open retail chains on the lines of Coles, Woolworths, K-Marts, Big-W etc in India. And in the process these dirty rotten Indian politicians will invest their black money clandestinely through the same foreign companies, thus buying a share in the Indian market in a hidden back hand manner. Thus the money they have currently stashed in overseas banks lying useless will become a part of Indian economy. But what has the falling Rupee got to do with it? How does it affect the ordinary Indians and why is it bad? How are the current politicians traitors?

Well friends, this story is not just a story of the worst kind of treason against the motherland but is a tragedy of gross proportions! The money these politicians have stashed in their overseas banks is all in foreign currency, the USD. These politicians, who have accumulated this money by selling Indian interests in the first place, also want to take out a bigger share of the Indian market using the same money. This is a story of un-inhibited and blind greed. These politicians want to be able to purchase much more than what their filthy rotten money would buy them under normal circumstances. The only way to achieve this was to weaken the Indian Rupee in comparison to USD. All the policies that have been pursued since the last few years have been leading up to nothing but this end that we find the Indian Rupee in today.

The simplest way to weaken a currency as I mentioned above is to cut down its’ exports while increasing its’ imports, thus creating an imbalance between the Forex reserves available for purchase and the actual Forex reserve needed. Over the last few years the Indian Government has progressively stopped one export after the other. The second largest producer of Wheat and Cotton, India banned wheat export for four consecutive years, and it’s nearly five years since wheat has been exported by India. Cotton had been banned twice for a year each around the same time. The Government banned the export of rice for a period of time too. What a shame the moment the ban on rice export was lifted, within five months India became the leading exporter of non basmati rice. Around the same time, expectedly, India’s oil imports increased as new consumers became owners of bigger vehicles and population increased. And oil is not the only thing India buys using USD, there are defence and other needs too. USD was not allowed to be earned but it was needed to buy everything. Indian Rupee was butchered in cold blood by its’ own leaders just to increase the buying power of their dirty black money.

It is not that the politicians were without excuses for doing all this. Once again the entire nation was fooled by the dirty rotten politicians when they said that the export has been banned as the Government wanted to keep the local prices of the same commodities in check which would otherwise shoot up due to domestic demand and poor crops. Sounds plausible, doesn’t it?

My dear friends, unfortunately, that is not the way intelligent Governments control prices. The way to control prices is to build up Government reserves of essential commodities like food grains, fibres etc so that when the crops for the same fail and the supply of the same in market falls down below the demand thus jacking the price of that commodity up, the Government rolls out the commodity from its’ own stock and hence controls the prices. Just Google the details about all the news I have mentioned so far about export bans and you will definitely run into the news feeds about how the Chinese Government has built up a 60% stock reserve of Cotton with an intention to keep domestic cotton prices in check in case the domestic crop fails. This is the mark of an honest and intelligent Government. This is how prices are controlled. And trust me friends, this is the way it was done in India too, not too long ago. Just Google for “Food grain rots in Government godowns” and you will get all the news results for India. The food grains in the stock were never released to control prices. Why? The politicians were earning payback from the traders who were having a field day when the ordinary Indian was struggling for space to breathe.

Unfortunately for India, the Indian politicians never intended to control prices, rather they wanted to weaken Indian Rupee. That is why they didn’t buy the produce to build up domestic reserves, rather stopped exports to reduce Forex reserves. If the Government was really sincere, how come in spite of the export bans the prices actually went up for all commodities?

Not too long ago, when the whole world was reeling under recession, India was one of the rare economies that were still growing in strength. The huge population, once a bane, made India go from strength to strength. The vast number of consumers, with the money of entire economy spread out into millions of bank accounts of small shopkeepers and working middle class, the demand for products never dropped. While businesses world over were feeling the heat, losing billions, closing down shop, relieving staff, Indian markets were bustling with life. But what was most striking feature of that time for me? With products piling up in international markets for want of takers, the prices, rather than collapsing in a heap, went up in India. The inflation never abated. So what did I miss?

Just to simplify what I am saying even further, let us say a man has $25 in his pocket and he wants to buy 10 products that would normally cost $10. Let us say the manufacturing cost of these 10 products is $2.50 (Let us not forget the money spent on advertising, taxes, fee and levy, dealer and shopkeeper margins, all add up to make the $2.50 production cost into a $10 selling price). During recession the same products, because no one else was buying them and they were piling up in factories, that man should have been able to buy for something like $7-8. But instead, that man was forced to buy the same products for $15 due to rising prices. Thus the man actually paid for the manufacturing cost of 30 products and covered the costs and provided profit for 10 of them. This is how India and other similar third world economies helped the global businessman survive, even if at the cost of their own purse.

Domestic market of India is full of products manufactured under international brand-names. From shampoos to soaps, hair tonics, deodorants, electronics, electrical equipment, cells, batteries, cars, everything is made and sold either as a foreign franchise or a collaboration product. So when the foreign production houses were struggling to find takers for their products globally, why were their products getting jacked up for Indian consumers? The fact the Indian consumers still bought those products to cover their necessities goes on to show the real strength of Indian economy that these corrupt politicians are trying to weaken. This is the reason why global economies are so desperately interested in investing in India.

The Indian politicians have however been helping the foreign businessmen to milk Indian economy all the time. These people are talking about 49% FDI in Retail sector, I can assure you, even a 10% FDI will completely ruin India and Indians. But how is this possible?

Let me explain!

A 10% FDI would mean 1 supermarket like Coles, Woolworths, K-Marts etc for every 9 other small shops. But those who live in western countries including Australia, we all know 1 super-market is actually equivalent to 50 small shops. Each supermarket sells products sold in scores of individual small shops. To take the example of Groceries like Coles and Woolworths, each one of them stocks stuff sold in Fruit shops, vegetable shops, bakeries, Utensil shops, cosmetics shops, Electrical equipment shops, electronics shops, gardening shops, ice-cream vendors, utilities, hardware, video stores, stationary shops, dairies, confectionary stalls, plastic ware shops, newspapers, flower shops, cigarette shops and many other things. This list is already “nineteen kinds of small shops” long. But then it is not just about what 1 supermarket cells. The trouble is, these supermarkets are not individual supermarkets, but these are chains spread across cities and towns. Each corporation owns thousands such stores across a country. What does that mean?

That means these corporations orders everything to be sold in their stores in huge numbers, thus sharply decreasing its’ buying costs. Thus these stores are able to sell their products at much cheaper prices than what a small shop owner will be able to sell, for he cannot compete in the buying price. What do you think will happen?

Doesn’t matter whether it is India or Philippines, Brazil or China, Australia or Europe, ordinary people everywhere have limited resources. They have no choice but to save money wherever they can. So how will ordinary people save money? They will shop from where they will get stuff cheap. What will happen of the smaller shops then? No prizes for guessing they will all close down. But what will happen of their owners?

These small shops are run as family businesses. These shops feed and provide for entire families. But once they are wiped out of the market the only option their owners and family members will have is to find jobs in the same supermarkets. That is where the situation gets worse. These supermarkets are not social organizations. They are run for profit. They cut costs wherever they can. More than 60% of staff that works in such supermarkets is young kids out of school whom they don’t have to pay much. They are referred to as juniors who work as temporary contracted staff. Even the mature people who work in these supermarkets only get paid barely enough to survive themselves. There is no way a person working in such supermarkets can support a family on their own. The worst is, each supermarket may close down thirty small shops in an area, but it will never provide work to everyone affected in return. And now with the advent of self scan machines, you can chop the number of jobs created further down.

Now consider the size of Indian population and the number of people already un-employed over there. 10% FDI is all that is needed to destroy the majority of Indian small business. But do these politicians care? Do you think they are not intelligent enough to know what I am saying?

These dirty rotten scoundrels were never interested in public welfare but their own greed and interests. If this current crop of Indian politicians is not stopped from selling India, it will be too late. Indian economy will collapse in the same way the economies of many former Soviet states collapsed when USSR fell apart. The bane of those economies was rapid capitalization. Small business was wiped out and there were not enough jobs for those left without a means. I don’t know if what I’ve heard about what happened in those countries is true or exaggerated, but if it is not true I humbly seek forgiveness from my Russian friends, but I have heard stories how the attack of poverty was so severe, many Russian women were forced to undertake prostitution to support families. I don’t know if it is true but I’ve been told by someone that people tore down Government buildings and took away the steel used in construction to sell and get money. What anyone could grab was taken! If this is true then trust me friends, India is looking towards something similar if the current situation is not halted.

There is a section of inherently corrupt people who have sold their souls to businessmen. They call themselves researchers and they claim privatization wasn’t fast enough for Russia which led to the economic collapse. Is it true though?

My dear friends, Privatization in fact has nothing to do with Capitalism or stability of an economy. Privatization was the brain child of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a product of late 1980’s. All the privatization the world has seen happened in the last two decades only while US, UK, Australia and much of Europe had been Capitalistic economies for over a century before that. Privatization has nothing to do with Capitalism or Communism. Privatization is nothing but treason; selling the interests of a nation to private businessmen for personal favours or benefits.

What is Privatization? There is an industry for which Government owns the entire infrastructure and all it needs is to hire people to use and run the infrastructure to provide a service to the public in lieu of salaries. Instead what the Government does is it gives the authority to a third party, a private businessman or corporation, to hire the same people to use the same infrastructure to provide the same service and get paid the same. But in addition to the salaries paid to the people employed in that industry, now the Government pays that private businessman or corporation for doing what it could have done for free by itself. So is this an intelligent decision or is this betrayal?

The difference between Capitalism and Communism is, in Communism production is under Government ownership while in Capitalism all production is private owned. However, the golden rule of thumb is, what occurs naturally belongs to the society and hence should be controlled, governed and run by the Government irrespective of the form of Government. So natural resources like water, land and minerals are the property of the society and hence should be Government controlled, which includes mining. What is produced from natural resources like crops, finished products etc, they should be private controlled and owned in Capitalism, and Government owned and controlled in Communism. For those who say everything should be privately owned in Capitalism, friends, that would mean even roads, parks, lakes, rivers, seas and air should be privately owned and people should be forced to pay to be allowed their use.

Everything in USSR was Government owned but the solution was not to privatize everything by selling it to those with heaps of money to buy everything and out-smart people who only had the resources to own a small business. The ordinary Russian was never given an opportunity to own small business and run their family. Instead everything was quickly sold to the few with money, and all Russians were left with were underpaid jobs, that too not enough for the number of unemployed. If anything, privatization destroyed Russian economy.

What needed to be done in Russia was to continue the structure for however long it might have taken but the Government should have promoted small business ownership to make the public self reliant and get rid of the Government crutches which were the reminiscent of the Socialist past. Russian economy failed because the rich and powerful few wanted to own entire Russia, exactly what the current corrupt Indian political set-up is hell bent on achieving. That is why I call them traitors of ordinary people! And I have no respect or sympathy for traitors!

Anyway, my main interest in writing this article was to bring to everyone’s notice how Indian politicians are cheating Indian population and selling India. This is our last chance to stop them. After this it will be too late.

Before I finish this piece, I want to ask my Indian brothers and sisters one more question: “Why is it me who is telling you all this? Why is Team Anna quiet? Are they not intelligent enough to know all this or are they not honest enough?”

My dear friends, I am just one man, while Team Anna is made up of former IAS officers, IGPs’, religious leaders, teachers, professors, doctors and many more. So are they not intelligent enough to lead India or are they not honest enough?

Think clearly!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,

Amanpreet Singh Rai