Saturday, November 23, 2013

When a scheme is altered


When a scheme is altered

“When the real enemy is hidden, treat everyone as your best friend but count everyone as your enemy. Truth always reveals itself in time.”

All kinds of people follow my work; my blogs, my novels, my music and my socio-economic-politico activism. There are people who love me and my work, and there are those who hate me. But my problem is both!

Those who love me, they have never told me how much they love my music and writing, or openly supported me and my work, or openly promoted my work, when in a free democratic society, that was all that was needed. I have no reason or motivation to continue my work, but if I still am, it’s because I have a responsibility, as well as a hope in future.

Those who hate me, or are jealous of me, even they follow my work. But unlike those who love me, they have never stopped trying to de-motivate me so that I quit all my pursuits. What drives their passion is either their jealousy or their selfish interests. Perhaps the mere thought that if I continue working hard the way I am, I will reach the dizzy heights of success and glory while they will still be sulking in their lives, doing whatever they are today, is driving them nuts. Or possibly the fact that ideas like “Peace Makers Global”, “Equalism”, “Truth about Corporate Communism”, “Scientifically important topics”, and business gems like my songs and music, my novels, my poster series under the “Ace series” along with its’ punch-lines or marketing strategies, they all are a brainchild of a man who is not one of those they like, is their driving force. The only other people who would try to de-motivate and stop me would be the hired guns of the ones’ whose selfish interests my socio-politico-economic work directly effects. The fact that my work will benefit entire humanity, including their kith and kin and posterity, does not matter to them, for they are only interested in the money they are getting out of my situation today. Remember, humanity has always suffered because of its’ own that betray it.

How their plan works is very simple. Everything that I try to speed up my progress, they create obstacles, and in most cases sabotage it using those people whose hatred or jealousy against me they can abuse. Also, since it is very easy to follow my work for I do everything openly, for everything I do is not only legally and politically correct, but also in the best interests of democracy and everyone, they have another method; psychological dismantling.

So I am left with listening to conversations directly hinting upon my most recent tweets or work, but in a negative sense. Say if yesterday I wrote to a girl asking her for a collaboration, then today I will bump into a group of people discussing a similar musician who refused to work with a douche-bag of a guy. I know it sounds like I am losing my mind, for isn’t it what was alleged against me in my case with the Los Angeles based idiot, that I assume meaning out of things (that I am mentally sick, to put it in simple words)? But that’s the beauty of the crime I was a victim of. If I come out with what’s going on in my life, I will be labeled a deranged person, and if I won’t, such things will continue until I either lose my drive and give up my pursuits, or actually lose my mental balance fighting an unknown hidden enemy.

I know you are missing the point here! These things happen with me every day, for I tweet every day, and one or other of my works comes out every week, or second week, and I am forced to overhear pointed conversations every day, sometimes even by attracting my attention if I don’t appear to be listening to the conversation, by say a snap of fingers, or some sudden distracting noise. These are psychological tricks, and there is no dearth of motivated individuals to perform these. There are people in every city who are a part of secret societies like supremacy groups, fan groups of artists, or even a few jealous co-workers (it happened at my previous job too, something similar to what possibly took the London nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s life). Besides, some individuals prefer a bit of extra cash in their pockets than do anything for the society, leave alone seeing another man achieve success and glory just through his hard work. Worst is; these are charges that cannot be proved against any of them. For a man who is the least hardest to find, for my address and phone number have been on my website for the last three years, for I do the same thing at the same time everyday (like catching bus, doing my part-time job, then jogging back home, staying at home, then repeat), I am the least hardest to follow. I don’t need to be killed when I could be destroyed psychologically and emotionally. And just because those who love me don’t care for me, doesn’t mean those who hate me, or are scared of what I will achieve for the society against their selfish interests, would let me get away.

“Peace Makers Global” is a project on hold because of two reasons. Firstly, I have been delayed (by delaying my success, which would have meant both funds, as well as media coverage and fan following to share my idea with). Secondly, the enemies of humanity have modified their strategy. I call them enemies for their selfish interests are more important to them than the welfare of the vast majority, especially when there is enough in this world for everyone (while still respecting the class difference between richest and majority), provided the greed of a few doesn’t go overboard. They are actively pursuing a world where ordinary people will once again be slaves/workers who work for someone who owns all the resources, like the peasants of yore that worked in the fields of landlords, kings and noblemen. All the blood, sweat and toil of ordinary people that gave birth to democracies globally, so that no one man can be the owner of all the resources in the society, stands to lie waste.

If you think I am mistaken in my assertion than go no further than the example of the former US senator Frank Church, who warned about the dangers of NSA spying in 1975. Nobody knew Frank Church outside US, and none of the US citizens remembered his warning. But did that stop NSA? Rather the situation went from bad to worse. And even today, with all the hue and cry raised about it, the gross violation of privacy is not only continuing unabated, but is getting worst. Just because you have closed your eyes doesn’t mean the truth in front of them has vanished!

Anyway, Peace Makers Global is on hold because the new strategy of the criminals of humanity is to mislead population by giving them unimportant and minimal gains, to give everyone a feeling that all is getting well, and going on well. Another part of it is to create a feeling amongst the sections of global populations where I could have found support for my projects, that all is well and that the enemies are their best friends with best intentions at heart. The delay humanity has caused to me, has made my job that much more difficult, by letting humanity’s enemies alter the playing field completely. So keep sitting with your hands on hands. The only one who stands to lose out of this situation is you!

There is a vast sea of difference between the way I treat people, and the way people have treated me. You all know how many people I have promoted through my social networking pages by promoting their works. It’s strange however that none of them has promoted me by promoting any of my works using their social networking pages. In spite of my previous experiences, I still treat everyone as my best friend unless they prove otherwise, but thanks to the same experiences, I don’t count them as my friends either. So it doesn’t matter that they have all betrayed me. But it does hurt though!

There are global artists whose works I used to admire, and who were good people originally. But then due to some strange reason, they all started actively harming the interests of our society by their irresponsible actions and behaviors. I reasoned with them, I reasoned with everyone, what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what is a better alternative. But my reasoning didn’t stop any of them from deteriorating even further in their acts. Left with no choice, and since the society I was a part of, and the society I am a part of, their interests are my responsibility, I had no choice but to publically snub such artists and pan their actions and works. This is just another example as to how ever much you may reason with those with selfish desires, they are not going to change their ways just because you are not happy with them.

I have been delayed because my success hurts your enemies. If you are more interested in knowing which girl I am hitting on now, and which girl is flirting with me, it’s really a shame on your thinking. All the girls are just a distraction, primarily for me, secondarily for you. None of them loves me, or ever loved me, and I love none! Besides, why would a girl love a pauper, howsoever well meaning, talented and intelligent he is?

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