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Sex and sexual orientation

Parental Guidance: Educational article: This article refers to human reproductive organs again and again, and discusses some intimate sexual material, although not in a pornographic manner. Parental guidance is recommended not to explain the meaning of terms, but rather the meaning of the content.
Sex and sexual orientation
“Sexual pleasure resides not in the act, but rather its’ culmination.”
This article was long overdue as I owed it to both the sections of the society; the straights and the gays. As the ‘Gay Rights’ issue has been burning in societies world over, including in Russia where a controversial legislation threatens to tarnish the image of winter Olympics 2014, it is time for me to put things into a neutral perspective. In this write-up I will explain how sexual orientation works, is Russian legislation completely wrong or partially correct (there’s a reason why I say so and I will explain it) and also make it clear where I stand on the issue. So lets’ get started.
ð Sex, how it works?
Every organism has three basic drives (or needs); basic because they are the most important for an organism’s survival, as well as the propagation of species. The moment an organism comes to life it needs food to survive, next comes safety from physical harm, and finally the need to leave behind posterity. An organism can and will go to any extent to fulfill these needs. Morality is not a question, that’s how powerful these three drives are.
Now the thing with sex is; people believe it is the act which is pleasurable. The truth however is; sexual pleasure is derived from the hormones released at the culmination of the act, namely, oxytocin in females, and dopamine in males. The act of arousing or exciting external sexual organs, like penis or vagina, within itself does not give anyone sexual pleasure (I’ll explain it a bit more below). The sexual pleasure is felt at the culmination of such an arousal; ejaculation of sperms in males, and orgasm in females. While the ejaculation and orgasm are the things most humans identify as the source of pleasure, they are nothing more than external markers of the culmination of the act. The real pleasure comes from the release of afore mentioned hormones by our body into our blood streams.
Now before I explain the role of thoughts in the act, let me delve on the ways of sexual arousal or excitation of external organs, as it will shed more light on what makes a person straight or gay.
As a man I have two ways to arouse or excite my penis; partner or proxy. In the first I can put my penis in a vagina (female), anus (female or male) or mouth (female or male) of a partner, and in the later, I can rub it against a pillow, mattress, or just use my hands. A female can excite her vagina using a male partner’s penis, or a partner-cum-proxy (female partner, using fingers or objects), or just proxy (objects). However, this excitation will give a male or a female no more pleasure than the thoughts enjoyed in brain, which could also have been achieved by watching or reading porn, or just doing some other recreation activity which a person enjoys, like dancing, sports etc. What differentiates the pleasure of sex from other pleasures is the ejaculation or orgasm at the end of such excitation events, that is, the release of hormones inside the body. A man or a woman can actually excite themselves on their own without even thinking of sexual act, and still get the same pleasure at the end of it as having real sex. The only difference would be the lack of enjoyment coming from the thoughts associated with sex, or should I say, the satisfaction of doing it.
This brings us to the most important aspect of sexual activity, as separate from sexual pleasure; the thought process. Sexual thoughts give us a pleasure of their own, even without the involvement of sexual organs, or the indulgence in sexual activity. Reading or watching pornographic material, and thinking or fantasizing sexual escapades falls in this category.
While arousing or exciting sexual organs, whether with a partner or proxy, there is a distinct chain of sexual thoughts going on in an individual’s brain. These thoughts, although wrongly believed to be pleasurable, actually determine the level of satisfaction an individual will derive from the act at the culmination. Human beings develop liking for not just the activities, but the way they perform them too. Sexual pleasure may be a result of hormones released by our bodies, but sexual satisfaction is the result of the thoughts that culminate along with the act. This is the reason why masturbation (or self arousal of sexual organs) is not as pleasurable, or should I say as satisfying as the real act. What are fetishes? These are association of certain objects or behavior patterns with the sexual excitation process that gives an individual a higher level of satisfaction at the culmination of sexual activity. So where does being gay or straight stand?
ð Sex and sexual orientation:
Organisms of different species and origins have bodies designed differently to reproduce their posterity. Some plants and organisms have distinct male and female members in their populations; others have individuals who double up as female and males, with sex organs of both kinds. Human beings have separate female and male members in their population. So biologically speaking, being gay or lesbian is just a fetish, a chain of thoughts developed by individual brains that maximizes pleasure, or rather satisfaction derived from the sexual activity when it is performed with the member of the same sex. So is it wrong or right? And how does sexual orientation affect rights of an individual in a society?
Religiously speaking, I do not believe in God! There is no God, and if there is no God, there is no Satan, no sin, and no soul. So as much as the notion that homosexuals are sinners holds no water for me, so does the assertions of homosexual community that they are men trapped in female bodies, or females trapped in male bodies. The simple truth is; an individual has developed a liking for the chain of thoughts that arises and culminates with sexual activity performed with a member of the same sex. Was the development of such a psychological fixation a result of a severe dislike for the opposite sex’s general attitude, or a lack of self-confidence in dealing with the opposite sex, a result of some abuse as a child, or a revolt against the society by way of indulging in a forbidden act, or an initiation into a lifestyle by another member of the minority community, all this is immaterial. Such and many other factors will always be there in the society, affecting our perceptions all the time. That is why some people realize many years later in their lives that they are enjoying sexual activity (that is, getting more satisfaction out of the act) more with members of the same sex, than their partner from the opposite sex. Fetishes and notions can develop anytime. The more important question is of rights as an individual in a society.
ð Rights of Homosexual communities:
As a member of a minority community living overseas, I have personally experienced the ugly side of discrimination, both in US, as well as Australia. As such I know exactly the pain members of homosexual community go through everyday due to the attitudes of community towards them. As a member of a minority community I believe, “No person should ever be discriminated against for any class reasons, including their sexual orientation.” How a person enjoys their sexual activity is a private matter, and not the concern of the society, as long as it is not affecting the rightful interests of another member of the community, as in an infidel relationship with another individual’s spouse.
Thus I believe homosexuals should have equal right to marriage, and having children. Marriage is nothing more than a social recognition to a couple’s sexual and life commitment to each other, thus separating their union from infidel relationships. And as far as children are concerned; if children of straight parents can develop homosexual orientation, I see no reason why homosexuals cannot raise children with straight orientations.
Discriminating and bullying of homosexuals means humanity is doing a disservice to itself by not tapping all the human resources and intellect efficiently. Such an attitude is contrary to the needs of advancement of science, technology, arts and culture; basically the humanity.
ð Truth about sexual orientation propaganda and why I said ‘partially right’:
The thing about sexual activity is, being a powerful basic drive as it is, it motivates individuals to actively seek partners. Straight men would love to perform sexual activity with every beautiful woman or girl in the society, even if they are under legal age, or legally married. Straight women would love to have sex with every hot man in the society, provided there are no repercussions from the society. Straight people indulge in everything including one night flings and infidelity all the time. How could homosexual community be different?
Homosexual community is a small section of the normal society in every nation, and they want to perform sexual activity with many partners too. So they have no choice but to approach people they are interested in, and find out if they are open to homosexual relationships or not. I have been approached by gay men on more than one occasion, asking me if I would like to have my penis in their mouth or anus, or I would like to have theirs’ in mine. I am a straight guy and hence refuse it flatly. That is the end of the story most of the time. But this is where things get tricky.
Women do not offer to have sexual intercourse with me even ten percent the number of times I am approached by gay men, and a fraction of the women who happen to ask me are sex workers. And the other problem is; there are times when members of homosexual community try to influence my choice by mentioning how enjoyable it is to suck another man’s penis, or have it shoved up one’s anus. This is what I classify as propaganda! And may I also mention; I derive sexual pleasure when I ejaculate thinking about putting my penis in a female vagina, and not thinking about having another man’s penis in my anus or mouth, or my penis in another man’s anus. If I were to develop any such mental fixation, it would turn me gay! Being gay or straight is as simple as that; just a fixation.
Nobody had to tell me how enjoyable it would be to put my penis in a vagina in a straight relationship. Nobody needs too! Kids grow up into teenagers through various stages, including one in which they hate the members of the opposite sex, and finally find a likeness for the members of the opposite sex on their own. Straight sex comes naturally!
Initiating an uninitiated person into a homosexual relationship by trying to impress their views about sex with a member of the same sex, by telling them sexually exciting content is propaganda, and as wrong as making or marketing straight pornography, or straight prostitution. In the example of Russian legislation; if Russia denies homosexuals equal rights or jobs as available to straight members of the community, it is wrong. But if Russian legislation prohibits dispensation of literature, media or content inciting homosexual behavior, it is effectively same as banning straight pornography or prostitution. Where the legislation stands will determine whether it is completely wrong or partially right.
ð Where do I stand on homosexuality:
As mentioned above, I believe everybody deserves equal rights, no matter what their class differences are, including their sexual orientation.
If you ask me; do I consider homosexuality wrong? My answer would be; “It is your life and your choice. I don’t mind homosexual people living around me in the society. They are same to me as my any other neighbor or friend, for the basis of my relationship with neither of them is sex.”
If you ask me; is homosexuality natural? My answer would be; “It is just a sexual fetish, just like I love tall blonde slim women in high heels. Some people like sadistic-masochistic relationships, so on so forth.” Mind you, I may also mention her, I am yet to have the first sex of my life because I used to believe pre-marital sex to be a sin, and now I am yet to find a girl I would love to have a relationship with. I am not going to sleep with every other girl for I don’t like sexual promiscuity. That is my choice!
If you ask me; do I want more people to become homosexuals? With all due respect to homosexual community, and given due consideration to their need of having more partners, my answer would be; “Without considering the artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization techniques, will humanity be able to reproduce if every member of humanity became homosexual? If the answer is no, then how will humanity propagate?” Besides, lesbian tall slim blondes in high heels represent a sexual partner’s loss to me.
It’s your life, your choice! It’s all in your head!
Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is our Universe an electron?

Is our Universe an electron?
“Imagination leads science, and science fuels imagination.”
Electrons, protons and neutrons, the sub-atomic particles that we can’t even physically see even with the best of our technology; is it possible that our universe is like one of them? Indeed a weird proposition, given the fact that all matter in our universe is made up of these very basic building blocks of matter. But perhaps I might make better sense after putting forth what I intend to in this write-up.
Before I explain this concept let me highlight the limits of not only our knowledge, but our wildest imaginations, by pointing out an example I’ve often used to dispel the superstitious beliefs about God. In fact, no saint, messiah, prophet or else would have shared true enlightenment with you in any simpler words than what I am putting forth in the next two paragraphs.
If I ask you; ‘imagine there is nothing’, you will all visualize a dark empty space without any object, matter, gas or liquid. So if I ask you ‘what if this universe of ours wasn’t there’, you all will imagine an empty dark space. But is it the ‘true nothing’? What about the three dimensional space that you are still visualizing? In ‘true nothing’, not even a three dimensional space exists. Now try to imagine that ‘true nothing’. You will still think of a dark three dimensional something, full of solid, gar or liquid even you won’t know, but you still will imagine, ‘a three dimensional nothing’. And this is the limitation of our imagination. I know what a ‘true nothing’ would be, for today “I can imagine a true nothing”. And this is enlightenment!
The day you will be able to comprehend true nothing, you will also realize there is no God, for even God couldn’t have originated out of ‘true nothing’. How and where have these three dimensions that we know and live in originated, we will never ever know; and do you know why? Because this universe of ours in enclosed in a space, which is lying inside another space, which is lying inside another space, and so on so forth. We will never ever, and including all our generations to come, will be able to find the answer to this, for there will never be the last space, as there will always be another one outside it. And this knowledge is enlightenment!
Yes, it is true Mosses spoke to God! Yes, it is true Jesus was son of God! Yes, it is true Prophet Mohammad met God! Yes it is true that all the ten Sikh Gurus had the same soul in them, and the tenth Sikh Guru was a demon slaying Saint in previous birth who was specially sent by Holy Mother Durga to slay the modern day demons in society. And all this is true, not because there ever was any proof to prove any of these. All this is true because we people want to believe it to be true. Today if I stand in the middle of a huge open ground and shout a hundred times, “If there is any God, I want him to show here immediately to prove his existence to the world and prove he is God”, no one will come. An experiment conducted with one hundred percent accuracy and only one result; no one will show up! Yet people won’t believe me when I’ll declare; “there is no God”. And this is not because my experiment would have failed or I would be lying, but simply because no one would like to believe it. The only truth about every religion is that people want to believe it to be true! It is not nuclear weapons that will destroy humanity. It is religion and politics that sure will. Nuclear weapons might not even make the final means.
Anyway, lets’ get back to the current topic of how our universe could be just an electron.
Electron and protons are sub-atomic particles with opposite electric charge, while neutrons are charge-free. There is mutual attraction between particles of opposite charge, while similar charges repel each other. Now since I have my reasons to believe so, and this has been confirmed indirectly in one of the latest scientific news as well, our universe is not the only universe in space. There are others around it.  And in our universe there is a force of attraction called gravity, by virtue of which everything in our universe is attracting everything else towards it. But no force has ever existed without its’ counterpart. There always is a contrary force. So how could gravity be an anomaly?
Contemplating on this question, baffled as I was, I finally have hypothesized that a contrary force to gravity will exist somewhere in space, something like anti-gravity (called so for want of a better name). In contrast to gravity, this anti-gravity will push everything around it away. So if our universe’s binding force is gravity, there should be another universe whose binding force would be anti-gravity. Now I realize that our universe is spreading with galaxies speeding away from each other, so I don’t expect anti-gravity to help the cause of a universe as such. But perhaps such a universe would be much more dense than our Universe, with the repulsive forces between the components balanced in such a way that its’ constituent galaxies and stars would be held together by repulsive forces coming from different directions balancing each other out. Such a universe however will be a massive giant, compared to our universe, and much like an analogy to proton-electron relationship. Thus my hypothesis originates, that like smaller sized electrons our Universe is one charge, and like many times heavier protons, there will be an oppositely charge giant universe. And just like electrons and protons combine together to form atoms in our universe, quite possibly our universe and many others like it will bond to bigger universes to form atoms of sizes beyond our wildest imaginations.
This leads me to another question; if we cannot see electrons and protons in our world with any of our technology, would any creation (analogy to us) be able to see our universe (leave alone us for that matter), for it would be just another electron to them? Can you even imagine the size of such a creation? Should I talk about God again then?
The future of humanity is only a “One borderless Equalist world”!
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