Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pamphlets for distribution to volunteers and small biz owners

Peace Makers Global
Peace Makers Global:
“Peace Makers Global” is best summed up as “Ordinary People’s Corporate Giant”. A community organization that will take up issues and problems affecting global communities at their local levels, it will have chapters in all the major cities in the world, like “Peace Makers Adelaide”, “Peace Makers New Delhi”, “Peace Makers Los Angeles” etc. These chapters will administer global divisions like “Smabiz”, “Legaid” and “WomInD” etc on one hand, and local divisions like “Somkidz” in Somalia etc.
Initial work:
“Peace Makers Global” will begin work on “Smabiz” first, for not only is it the most important task that stares our communities globally, in light of the struggling global economy and crushing times for small business owners, but it will also help “Peace Makers Global” become self sufficient with its’ funding requirements.
What is PMG Smabiz and what are its’ benefits:
“PMG Smabiz” is like a club of small business owners, but the one that will work like a “Multinational Corporate Giant”. It is that decisive edge that small owners need in their fight against huge multinational companies that are driving them out of the market globally, thus not only decreasing the number of opportunities available to the majority of the population, but also hoarding the entire world economy’s money in the accounts of a few companies, thus depriving the economy of much of free cash flow. This is the root cause of current global economic mess, and this mess will go unabated and things will get worse if PMG will not take the battle to the next level. The only thing that stands between the degradation of majority of world populace to the levels of underpaid employees with little means to independence is “Peace Makers Global”. PMG is the next level of evolution of “Corporation” and “Democracy”, bringing the financial power back in the hands of ordinary people. There are many benefits of having such an organization:
a.     PMG Smabiz will help small business compete with big companies price for price, by cutting their shelf costs, thanks to group orders (managed at national level, but competing at international level as explained below) and combined transportation costs etc.
b.    PMG Smabiz will help advertise small business in the way of group advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers etc, thus promoting every small business that will be a member of the PMG club.
c.     Since PMG Smabiz will be a community project, it will not be a franchise scheme but rather a club. Thus small business owners will retain both their identity, as well as their profits. Yes, there will be nominal annual fees after initial one free year, as that will help run PMG.
d.    When small business like grocery stores, restaurants, coffee kiosks, fruit and veg shops, bakeries, gas stations, delis, etc will succeed, ordinary people will have a lot more opportunities available to them, to be independent owners. After all, doesn’t matter whether you work as an employee, say in a supermarket, or you have a small business, say a grocery store, you still need to do the same stocking, storing, shelving and tilling work, and get paid peanuts, the difference being of being an employee, or an independent owner. Yes, there will be jobs available for juniors and other staff in small businesses too, like they have always been.
e.     The entire economies money will be spread out into different accounts, rather than the same handful of accounts, like say, Walmart, Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds, Burger Kings, Ikea, etc.
f.      Thanks to “PMG Smabiz” people will get same and competitive pricing throughout their local markets, thus cutting their travelling costs, as well as helping them save money.
g.     “PMG Smabiz” and other divisions once fully setup, will be a source of employment to youth in various capacities, and provide global opportunities.
Reasons for starting this project at a global level:
a.     I expect big corporations to play dirty with pricing war. Having a huge numbers of small businesses breathing down their necks everywhere will make sure they are not able to stifle the movement at individual levels by running their joints in loss at one location but making up in profits at another. There are some other tricks that will be employed subsequently to counter their other underhand tricks.
b.    We are all in this world together, be it black, yellow, brown or white, or any religion. We are being cheated out of our business opportunities shamelessly while our political representatives turn a blind eye towards big business. Either we step up our game now, or our very near future will see us all reduced to the levels of slaves with rights to vote and freedom to chose which employer to work for. Just think of it, all those who work in private sector, their salaries haven’t increased in the last five years, but have the living expenses remained the same? And even those whose salaries have increased, have they increased comparative to the inflation? Where is all that extra money going, into which accounts? “PMG Smabiz” will get that money into the accounts of ordinary people, thus spreading it deeper into the economy. This will not only stabilize the faltering economy, but will also strengthen it.
c.     As a part of PMG self reliance, business units will be set up for manufacturing household goods. Subsequently 90% of the share in these units will be sold to local businessmen, thus creating job opportunities for local labour in addition to the business opportunity itself. The 10% share retained by PMG will finance PMG, thus creating more job avenues in PMG itself, and also, will negate the need for donations etc.
d.    A nation’s youth are its’ future. PMG will help build every nation’s future that will serve those nations for decades to come, and in the best interest of the Global community.
Contact to be my fellow volunteers of the Global Community:
Amanpreet Singh Rai
1/269 Henley Beach Road, Brooklyn Park SA 5032
Ph: +61 43 023 5589

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
“Insanity is not a condition but a classification of the state of a mind, by other minds. Roles are reversible.”
Insanity, in its’ most basic explanation, is nothing but a set of actions not in conformity with the universally accepted code of conduct, and inexplicable on the basis of motive. So it is possible, in an unforeseeable future, if the majority of population starts behaving in a fashion considered insane today, a refined gentleman from today’s world will be considered insane by that future. But, how does this link with a zombie apocalypse? And, is zombie apocalypse actually possible?
The answer to the first one is; today we have a sect of people that fears zombie apocalypse and is preparing for it, a la cult. Tomorrow, if zombie apocalypse happens, possibly the zombies will be scared of human apocalypse, and might start preparing for it. I know it makes no sense, but then, I am not writing a scientific research paper here, even though I will prove this point too.
So, to continue with the insane topic of this write-up, let us delve on the next question; “Is zombie apocalypse actually possible?”
A simple and scary answer is, yes!
Let us just analyse the scientific possibility behind such a catastrophe. Human body is a very detailed and efficient machine, effectively controlled by a small unit inside it; the brain. Brain is assisted in much of its’ functioning by two glands that lie just next and under it, the hypothalamus and the pituitary. While memories are stored inside the brain in the form of chemical compounds, senses and feelings are recorded using peripheral nervous system, and analysed by central nervous system consisting of brain and spinal cord. Much of bodily functions like breathing, blood circulation, body temperature, digestion, defence against pathogens etc, are all subconscious controlled and mechanical. On the other hand, the entire spectrum of intentional activity like walking, handling of objects, learning etc, are all conscious efforts.
The moment a person is born, everything in this world and space that a child comes in contact with, forms a learning which is stored in the brain as a memory. However certain actions are not acquired learning, but human body is inherently accustomed to accomplish such tasks as those that satisfy the three basic instincts of hunger, safety and sex. All other learning is stored in human brain in the form of memories, the chemical compounds referred to above. These are accessed again and again as and when the need arises. Now the question is; what will happen if all this learning is wiped off the brain in a flash? And above all, is this possible?
The only way such a thing is possible is if the chemical compounds stored in the brain are destroyed completely and permanently, either by the action of a chemical, or by a biological agent. The immediate result will be a human being devoid of all learning, fully grown, and with basic needs of food, water and safety an immediate issue. Everything around him will be unknown and new, hence either a threat or a source of food. Such a human being will have no moral inhibitions that themselves are stored in the form of memories inside the brain, and will have no refinement in actions, for all the ways of carrying oneself in society are a learning stored as memories. Such a human being will act like an animal, an animal that cannot speak or understand, but who only wants to eat and defend himself. He will not understand what sexual urge is, but sure will feel it. And there you have your zombie.
But such an individual, if controlled immediately, can be retrained and re-acclimatised to the society, if there is no reason for new learning to be not stored in the brain. But this will happen only if the initial loss was due to a chemical agent that has been removed from the system, either by the body itself, or by an external means. But what if the cause that led to destruction of memory was a biological agent? What if that biological agent can spread like common cold and flu, through spores? Such an agent will not only destroy the initial memory in an individual, but will also inhibit and destroy any future learning too. It may also spread to other individuals through various means of dispersal like air, water and touch, thus resulting in an epidemic.
There will be humans on the streets looking to kill anyone for food, sex and safety. They will know no fear, feelings or morals. They will lose their knowledge about how to walk, but might be able to regain balance on their feet after crawling initially in search of food as maintaining balance on feet is a subconscious balancing thing, and so is running, raising and swinging arms wildly in defence and offence, etc. These individuals will kill humans for food over other animals due to human skin being softer and cleaner, for they won’t know and will never be able to learn how to shear a meat before eating, or which parts of meat to eat. They will eat human beings rather than feeding upon each other, for humans beings will be cleaner and non smelly compared to their own injured, dirty and rotting selves. These individuals will kill humans for their own safety as otherwise the humans beings will be gunning for them. Such an infected population will be a zombie population. And this will be the zombie apocalypse!
So what can actually cause a zombie apocalypse?
A chemical can be used to cause a temporary and localized outbreak in an area as a part of a military or terrorist action, but a large scale event can only transpire if a biological agent like a bacteria or a fungi is involved; something that can reproduce and spread from one individual to another, thus infecting vast stretches of populations. I have not referred to viruses here as the type of zombie condition mentioned here will be caused by destruction of chemicals stored in brain, something that can only be accomplished by a type of organism which either feeds on those chemicals, or secretes chemicals that react with such memory chemicals to destroy them or their activity strength. Viruses on the other hand have a different modus operandi as they infect living cells only to reproduce themselves using the cellular machinery and then get dispersed. Viruses don’t feed on the cells’ contents including chemicals.
The mutation needed to convert a free living biological entity into something that can cause such a catastrophe may not be a distinct possibility today, but cannot be ruled out completely either, given the amount of radio, radiation, chemical and other types of industrial, domestic and agricultural pollution humanity is generating. But chances of a rouge scientist or a rogue nation committing such hara-kiri are fairly bright as well. So discretion is needed, prevention is advised, preparation is your call!
Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”